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With drinks organized we moved to a discrete corner, ordered our food and kicked back to get to know each other better.Pam sat next to me on the sofa from the outset and held my hand gently as the 3 of us chatted.

Pam even commented that her hubby and her afternoon lover looked like clones of each other, again another thoughtful gesture by her to make us feel comfortable together.Her figure was curvy but not fat, a size 14, lovely ripe hips, full bottom and a very inviting cleavage.She had a fresh complexion, little make-up and her naturally grey hair was cut stylishly in a short bob.It also works best when all parties are confident and relaxed and have spent some non-sexual time together to get to know each other.I had contacted Pam & Ray on a UK swinging site and swapped several emails to start a conversation.We swapped stories about our swinging experiences, our likes, and our desires for the afternoon.

We soon established that we wanted to go up to the room as soon as lunch was over.

The anticipation of a lovely get-together increased over the remaining couple of weeks and the day finally arrived.

Whenever I meet with people I'm confident of clicking and enjoying sex with I wake up on the morning of the playdate as excited as a small boy on Christmas morning!

Pam & Ray walked into the bar at the time we'd agreed and we greeted each other like long-lost friends, striking up conversation naturally and without any awkwardness shown by anyone.

Those first few minutes are so important in my experience – do your homework, prepare well, and the tone you set at the outset pays dividends later – simples.

At my request she was wearing a summer dress, just above the knee, her lovely legs bare and silky smooth and her neat toes perfectly painted in dark red polish to match her fingernails.