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He went on to star in Jeremiah, was the voice of The Producer character on The Magic School Bus and co-starred with comedian Eddie Griffin for four years on the UPN sitcom Malcolm & Eddie.Warner continued his career on the CBS sitcom Listen Up!

He played the role of Alex Reed, an English professor married to Carla Reed, a psychologist played by former Girlfriends star Tracee Ellis Ross. He was named for Malcolm X and jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal.Warner auditioned for the role on the very last day of the nationwide search and was chosen by Cosby himself.In 2007, Warner followed up with his second CD entitled Love & Other Social Issues.In 2009 he guest starred in an episode in the new TNT series Hawtho RNe.The show highlighted the couple's ups and downs together as a blended family.

In 2012 Warner was nominated for Outstanding Actor in a comedy series at the NAACP Image awards for his role in Reed Between the Lines. Chuck Cooper, a member of the LAPD's Special Investigation's Section (SIS) and the love interest of the Major Crime Division's Detective Amy Sykes.In 2011 he guest starred in an episode of the NBC series Community as the ex-husband of Shirley Bennett (Yvette Nicole Brown).His character subtly referenced his Cosby Show past by wearing a "Cosby sweater" that he stated was from his dad.He is best known for his roles as Theo Huxtable on the NBC sitcom The Cosby Show and as Malcolm Mc Gee on the UPN sitcom Malcolm & Eddie. With appearances and roles on many television shows and films, he landed his most successful role as Theo Huxtable, the only son of Heathcliff Huxtable, who was played by Bill Cosby on the NBC sitcom, The Cosby Show from 1984 to 1992. At the age of nine, he demonstrated an interest in show business which led to enrollment in acting schools., the mother of the actor’s first child is an attorney from Bridgeport, Conn.