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Facts about Costa Rica ▪ In 1949 Costa Rica became the first one of few crowned nations without an armed force having constitutionally abolished its standing army.

Playa Grande Webcam My Playa Grande in collaboration with Earth Cam networks provided viewers with an impressive live broadcast of Playa Grande located at the summit of the Nicoya peninsula in the northwest corner of Costa Rica along the Pacific Ocean.

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Costa Rica ranks a 54th in the world's human development index.

It is the only Latin American country to be listed as one of the world's oldest democracies.

The country has year-round tropical climates with differing micro-climates depending on the elevation of the region. Winter is the rainy season, and summer which does not experience precipitation.

There are 81 cantones governed by a mayor in each of the seven provinces of the country.

The country offers many benefits, including tax exemptions, to foreign companies bringing business to the country.This popular vacation destination boasts a beautiful natural landscape and amazing surfing.These are live photos from weather cameras broadcasting 24 hours a day. Click on the pictures to go to the source websites, there you will get a bigger image or live video.The cams are shown on the interactive map below, and then listed by place below that.Both the current (latest) image, and the most recent daylight image are available for each camera.However its distance from the Guatemalan capital and the ban implemented against trading with Panama resulted in this region of the Spanish Empire becoming a poor and remote county consisting of scattered inhabitants referred by a Spanish governor in 1719 as the most miserable colony in America.

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