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I've gotten this comment in both large lecture courses and smaller discussion-based seminars. I like to try and keep the conversation simultaneously serious but with informal airs: occasional (emphasis) levity when appropriate, plus colloquial language, the sort I might use if discussing work with a colleague over coffee. I definitely feel comfortable doing that, but I've also had students comment on my use of "big SAT words" in reference to my word choices outside the technical terms of the discipline. I have been experiencing the same thing, in the same context (top R1 to bottom R1..of the sudden I'm "intimidating," had never seen that word before).

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In the end, I'm just coming to terms with it - particularly as a younger woman, this is a hell of a lot better than being perceived as underqualified, a pushover, etc.If it isn't a global response to your presentation, then it's likely a reflection of the individuals saying it and not of you.There's no such thing as a "perfect course instructor." Course evaluations are notoriously invalid and are known to be poor predictors of job performance when compared against metrics like rigor and preparedness for future coursework, etc.Has anyone else experienced this problem and managed to deal with it? I always get “intimidating” when students talk about me - I look kind of gruff, lots of real world experience and letters behind my name, I am loud, and I don’t suffer fools gladly. I needed to hear that, because that is a pretty apt description of me as well.I am also a tireless advocate for my students, too. In my department, I am the only one--which my chair has pointed out to me--that regularly helps students get the resources (academic or otherwise) to succeed.Some people respond to others' impressive accomplishments with admiration and others with self deprecation. Students should want accomplished course instructors and college is a great opportunity for them to learn how to interact with professionals.

If you seem imposing, then how will they react to law professors, med school faculty, actual CEO's of actual large businesses, senators...

But I believe that there interactional things that I might do to better put students at ease.

I don't want students not showing up at office hours or asking me a question because they are intimidated by me.

However, one type of comment that I consistently get is that I come across as intimidating.

If my wife or children heard this, they would die of laughter.

Of course, it would be poor manners and likely poor pedagogy to act rudely toward your students, but it would be poor preparation to socialize young adults to expect that accomplished people behave like kindergarten teachers (who, incidentally, I do not necessarily view as unaccomplished in their own right... We should be able to demand more from our students, we should want them to learn--even if they don't really enjoy it (which is what the research on student evaluations and learning also shows).

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