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This technique enables nativistfault; it is also the doing of liberal policies.sentiments to be voiced and anti-immigrant He writes: policies to be put forth, while the author can maintain that he is merely reporting the pos- In the late twentieth century, develop- sible or likely outcomes of ignoring the dan- ments occurred that, if continued, could gerous threat posed by immigration.

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Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life by Charles Murray: How The theme that runs throughout variousshould such books be reviewed?The driving force behind the ple of other racial, ethnic, and cultural trend toward cultural bifurcation, howev- groups. Huntington emphasizes that a return high levels of intergroup conflict. Indeed, Huntington sees this as alreadybeginning to happen. Is there a threat that Mexicans will dismem- ber the United States—that immigrants, espe- What course then does Huntington cially Latinos, will destroy its unity?Historical and contemporary er, has been immigration from Latin experience suggest that this is a highly America and especially from Mexico. Pointing to some local The full importance of these observationsmeetings, op-eds, and other such sociological about the favorable effects of the militariza-trivia, Huntington concludes (without dis- tion of society will become clear once theycernable regret), “The makings of serious are viewed through the prism ofwhite nativist movements and of intensified Huntington’s earlier works, to which I turnracial conflict exist in America” (ibid. And isbelieve ought to be followed in order to the American essence found in Anglo-avoid the nativist backlash that he envi- Protestantism? Although he does not say so explic- and statistical data to bolster his points, as doitly, Huntington insinuates that immigration other such authors.Who Are works of Huntington is best characterized as We?is one of a small number of volumes that a theory of fear.its territory to Mexico and its Anglo-Ignore them altogether, as one ought to treat Protestant identity will be undermined) thatthe ruminations of Holocaust deniers?

Or implicitly call for stronger countermeasures.examine them mainly as ideological tracts?probable reaction from a once dominant (Huntington 2004: 221)1 ethnic-racial group that feels threatened by the rise of other groups. The Bell Curve, for exam-from Mexico should end—a solution that he ple, includes a very large body of statisticalseems to think could lead to the resolution of tables and numerous correlations. Indeed, he con- some merit in showing that the data selectedsiders this possibility at some length, writing for use in these works and the ways in whichthat “The possibility of a de facto split they are interpreted are grossly misleadingbetween predominately Spanish-speaking (the ability to demonstrate the true measure America and English-speaking America of the threat is essential to the arguments ofwould disappear, and with it a major poten- both Huntington and his critics).It could pro-1 Books by Samuel Huntington cited: ———. However, atial threat to the cultural and possibly politi- warning is called for.I then turn to show that Huntington’s alarms No Acculturation?are based on a profound misunderstanding Huntington’s other and related source ofof what keeps the American society united alarm, the subversion of the American creed,and commands our mutual respect.Demographically, socially, andare undermining the “Anglo-Protestant culturally that is well under way” (ibid.creed,” destroying the shared identity that p. These immigrants do soby refusing to assimilate, to learn English, Huntington often resorts to the device notand to become American citizens and by of advocating a particular course of actionmaintaining a segregated society centered on but of claiming to predict that it may takeun-American values.

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