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It’s also silent, so it’s great for stake outs and sneaking up on hoodlums, but the temptation to simply drive away if one tries to pull you over, knowing they have very limited range, might be too great to overcome. If you’ve ever fantasized about being a cop, you’ve probably dreamt of power-sliding your Mitsubishi Evo X in hot pursuit of a diamond thief, but the reality is more likely being handed the keys to a Battenberg Skoda Fabia Estate. With a 1.6 litre diesel and 105bhp it’s no rocket, but oil-burners are all about the torque.

We ranked each major on the following criteria, with all factors weighted equally: Majors in the field of natural resources and conservation learn how to help humankind face environmental challenges and protect plants, animals and their habitats.

As a result, architecture has by far the heaviest average homework load of any of the majors surveyed for this study.

Designing buildings that are not only attractive, but also cost-efficient to build as well as energy-efficient and safe for occupants is a time-consuming process.

Even so, the fact that history does not on the surface translate to a specific career does not mean the degree cannot be a valuable professional investment.

History majors can go on to pursue a variety of lucrative careers, including lawyer or judge, among others.

As you approach the lights and they start to turn to red you can either slam on the anchors or mash the throttle and squeeze through.

You stomp on the go pedal, but seconds later a set of blue lights start flashing in your mirror.

Part of the reason these majors are intimidating is that they are heavily science-based, incorporating fields such as biology, chemistry and engineering, among others.

However, another aspect of this field that can be challenging is that, in many cases, solutions to the environmental problems facing humanity have already been found, but political and social constraints make implementing these solutions difficult.

Students might learn about topics such as balancing humanity's need for water for agricultural, manufacturing and drinking purposes with marsh and marine habitats' water requirements.

Forestry, the impacts of the petrochemical and fossil fuel industry on the environment, and renewable energy are other possible topics, though there are many more.

Deployed in the city centre and at Heathrow Airport, you can fit three smarts side-by-side in the same space as a BMW 5 Series Touring. It looks like a three-wheeled Segway and has an incredible top speed of 25mph, while also being able to mount kerbs and turn on a sixpence.

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