Jtextpane not updating real time

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Jtextpane not updating real time - adult dating mixcat interactive

The JText Pane is modified using a Styled Document.Now when the user clicks on the button, a lot of stuff happens (a large XML file is parsed, it takes a few seconds to complete) and I insert strings into the styled document before and after calls to different methods.

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Your Swing Worker would then override the process method to take a String argument and append it to the text area.

I am creating a gui and setup a JText Pane to act as a log while stuff is happening in the gui.

Messages are to be sent to the log to update the user about what is happening within the program.

I have a JText Area (below the JPanel and part of the same JFrame which acts as a console) and on click of the Submit button, the JText Area should update the log of the processing in real-time. It gets updated at the end of the back-end processing. Prepare Send Batch _batch = new Prepare Send Batch(); String verify Batch Result = _batch.verify Batch(); append Log(verify Batch Result); String zip Result = _File(); append Log(zip Result); .

I googled and tried various solutions using Swing Worker.

If possible, I want it to update text on the JText Pane when the button event starts, multiple times during its execution, and when it finishes.

I assume there are functions to handle this, but I have been searching for a couple days now and have come up empty.I have tried using various functions on JText Pane like set Styled Document and repaint and validate/invalidate/revalidate but I cant get it to work.whatever I seem to do, the only way the text is displayed is when the button event finishes.The threading issue comes in if you are making changes to your Swing GUI off of the EDT (event dispatch thread) which is the main Swing thread. If this occurs, then yes you should queue your Swing calls onto the Swing event thread by putting it into a Runnable and putting on the Swing event queue: All it does is change the text referred to by the name String field, but that won't change any displayed text. Key Event; import javax.swing.*; import javax.*; public class Text Box Test class My Text Box import If anyone can point me in the direction of a tutorial or api documentation or knows the code I need off hand, I would be very grateful.

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