John cusack dating neve campbell

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John cusack dating neve campbell

Until then – no wedding bells for Aubrey Drake Graham.

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Recently, he was linked to Jennifer Lopez and Rosee Divine.

Hollywood star JOHN CUSACK has suffered a setback in his quest to win back sexy ex NEVE CAMPBELL.

The AMERICA'S SWEETHEARTS (2001) star has enjoyed an on-off relationship with the actress for the last three years.

That summer, Brown pled guilty to felony assault and received five years probation.

After that, she dated baseball player Matt Kemp, rapper Drake (who, I’m pretty sure is still majorly in love with her) and even Leonardo Di Caprio for a short time. If she does, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s actually Drake she settles down with.

Okay, maybe it isn’t THAT bad, but that’s what I picture and what you probably picture too since everyone swaps partners every couple of years or so.

You have your couples who have been together for forever and a day (usually, they are the ones who never married – I’m looking at you, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell with your adorable couple cuteness) sure, but you’re constantly always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Of course, when John Cusack said he didn’t want to get hitched, rumors started swirling.

Truth be told, the actor has had a very active bedroom life with a lot of different leading ladies. He’s been snapped up by Susannah Melvoin, Gina Gershon, Uma Thurman, Neve Campbell, Rebecca Romijn, and most recently Brooke Burns.

American tabloid STAR MAGAZINE reports that the atmosphere on the vacation became so poisoned that upon their return to America even a stretch limo wasn't big enough for the two of them.

Cusack,35, got his own car home, leaving the seething 27-year-old actress fending for herself.

Sure, they had three kids together, but I’m sure both knew a marriage wouldn’t even last more than 60 seconds.