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You will choose two further courses from a range on literature, culture, and film, drawing on expertise across European languages and cultures.

The employment statistics for French and Italian graduates from the University of Edinburgh are impressive, and you will have a remarkable range of career options available to you.Our graduates can be found in every kind of career, especially those that place a premium on thinking that is both disciplined and imaginative, from physical theatre to the top of the Civil Service.Naturally, many of our former students are working in professions where linguistic skills are of special value, including education, translating and interpreting, and international business.Pépé was born in 1945 and is probably one of the most famous stereotypical French character in all of TV…I won’t get into why they ever chose a skunk to represent a French seducer ;-) but his French accent in the original version was hilarious.As you may or may not know, most of TV and movies seen in France is actually dubbed into French by professional voice actor and so when it comes to dubbing over an obvious French accent, it creates an interesting dilemma!

So this is why Pépé Le Pew (or “Pépé le Putois” as we know him in France) speaks with a very thick Italian accent and says things like ““…You will develop your spoken and written language skills and will study aspects of literature and culture.You will build on the language skills you developed in Year 1.In Year 4 you will choose courses on topics such as film and literature, history, politics or language. Find out more about the compulsory and optional courses in this degree programme.To give you an idea of what you will study on this programme, we publish the latest available information.Enjoy his Italian accent in this clip: Interestingly, his accent actually changed over time since at the beginning of his French TV career, Pépé actually was a parody of famous French singer/actor Yves Montand mixed in with some italian and spanish accents.