Intimidating strike dd 3 5

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Your Intimidate check is opposed by the target’s modified level check (1d20 character level or Hit Dice target’s Wisdom bonus [if any] target’s modifiers on saves against fear).If you beat your target’s check result, you may treat the target as friendly, but only for the purpose of actions taken while it remains intimidated.

A character immune to fear can’t be intimidated, nor can nonintelligent creatures.That would make for efficiency right there, and push it above Daunting Presence in usefulness at higher levels. And that's not counting extra attacks from a Speed effect, natural weapons, two weapon fighting, whatever.Just using a mundane full attack action at 6th level gives you 2 attacks. But using Intimidating Strike is a Standard Action, which allows you to make a single attack.No matter what level you are and no mater how many attacks you can make, you only make a single attack.So your overall damage output will be exponentially lower.After this time, the target’s default attitude toward you shifts to unfriendly (or, if normally unfriendly, to hostile).

If you fail the check by 5 or more, the target provides you with incorrect or useless information, or otherwise frustrates your efforts.Optional, but not recommended because retries usually do not work.Even if the initial check succeeds, the other character can be intimidated only so far, and a retry doesn’t help.Daunting Presence is even worse, in that it doesn't even allow you to make an attack.So as a general rule, if you are playing a melee class look for feats and class abilities that can be applied to every attack, and avoid feats and class abilities that require a Standard Action (Unless its very powerful.I've done that in the past, and while it's fun, it tends to make the GM angry and have him throw fear-immune enemies at you.

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