Hyrule cafe dating sim demo

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In fact, I have to scrap the whole project and redo it. (^q^) I had very poor programming etiquette when I started the project file, so it's a huge HUGE mess of code that I can no longer comprehend it myself. You play as yourself, unless you enter your name as Marth.

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Next time you're in the store feel free to say hey, I'm always down for a chat! My name is Carlos and I am one of the newest ambassadors here at Nintendo NY.

If you don't know what Hyrule Cafe is, please bypass this post!

: D WEBSITE BLOG TWITTER TUMBLR ---I figured I'd address any questions I had on Hyrule Cafe all at once here, and just keep adding to this post as time goes on.

My gaming journey began thanks in part to my dad who introduced me to Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros. From then on, I remember "borrowing" his Game Boy all the time to play Super Bomberman and Pokémon Red.

My favorite games tend to vary between different genres and platforms, but I can say that Super Smash Bros. Gaming has always been a great passion of mine and now I am able to share that same passion with fellow Nintendo fans around the world.

You are Avery Grey, the newest employee at a popular cat cafe called A Cat's Paw.

The coffee's good and the staff is friendly (and kinda cute! One day, you find a strange book in the basement, with letters you can't quite read... Or maybe Reese, the fashion-obsessed waiter who knows more than he says?

The first game I was able to beat all by myself was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I received my first Gameboy Color back when I was a kid and haven't stopped playing games since!

It opened my eyes to video-games as an art form and cemented my love for Nintendo. Pokémon has always been a big part of my life, and no matter what anyone says; Water types are the best!

We have a wide selection of exciting and exclusive and must-have merchandise featuring your favorite characters and Nintendo franchises. Located in Manhattan's historic Rockefeller Center, Nintendo NY is your very own Warp Pipe into the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond!

Join us & your fellow fans for these fun in-store events. We usually schedule Nintendo NY events two weeks in advance. With 10,000 square feet of dedicated gaming goodness spread over 2 floors, you can check out new and exciting titles headed to Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 3DS family of handheld systems, while also scratching that itch to pick up exclusive memorabilia featuring your favorite selection of gaming superstars! Don't worry Mario, because your Princess is in THIS castle. Whether you're a long-time fan or you're just getting started, Nintendo NY has something for you! I'm Kyle and I'm a new Ambassador at Nintendo NY.

Which hopefully shouldn't be too long as I have low confidence on finding a job after graduation and shall have a lot of spare time on my hands. I have patience but I worry others won't wait for me I'll be tabling at Anime Expo this year! I haven't posted much of my recent art on DA, but as my life is heavily dominated by sports anime as of late, most of the merchandise (prints, doujinshi, acrylic charms) are also sports anime....

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