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Unfortunately, these women may have little or no knowledge regarding the circumstances of their devalued status, nor the appropriate coping skills to survive the negative effects of their devaluation (Henry, 2008).

In its six-season run, the show provided uplifting and positive story lines of African American life, but it also touched on issues that were taboo for its time.Areas that could be exempt from big hits include the College of Education, because focus groups had identified producing quality teachers as a priority, Mason said.Any cuts likely will mean bigger class sizes and fewer faculty, but the information presented did not outline specific numbers of faculty positions that could be cut.Women from other cultural groups also may face some of the same types of concerns and issues as Black women in the process of finding a mate; however, Black women in college are particularly challenged in the process of finding a mate because they have endured a long history of racism, sexism, and classism. This situation has perpetuated the educational gender gap, and strained intimate relationships between Black men and women. Racial identity, womanist identity, and issues impacting first-year African American college women at a predominantly White university: A quantitative and qualitative study (Doctoral dissertation, North Carolina State University). Consequently, higher education leaders have the opportunity to support Black women in their quest to establish a healthy identity by providing educational opportunities within co-curricular and academic contexts to meet the needs of this unique population of students.

The implementation of culturally relevant interactive workshops, case studies, and conversations focused on the positive contributions and value of Black women may aid them as they wrestle with relationship issues during the crucial process of developing a salubrious evolving identity. broke barriers on race, gender, social class, and youth.It defined a generation and inspired many at that time, and those who have come after, to achieve more, go to college and use their talents to give back to their communities.Mason said he does not believe the hike will hurt enrollment.He said a “conservative” estimate is that JSU will grow by about 1 percent next year.In fact, some researchers contend that the stress that exists in “Black love” relationships is primarily because of political, social, and economic oppression in America (Alexander-Floyd & Simien, 2006; Hill, 2005; hooks, 2001; Waters & Conaway, 2007).

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