Hagstrom serial dating

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Hagstrom serial dating

The Jimmy debuted in ’69 as a downsized archtop with 16″ body that was narrower and thinner than a full-sized jazzbox.It had an arched (not carved) laminated spruce top, unbound f-holes, birch body and neck, and bound rosewood fingerboard.

This machine is currently being restored to it's original rev 0 Apple II configuration.Inherited from its first owner André Finot, a french developer (Apple Lena 1).It has a RF modulator soldered on the motherboard but uses a rarissime ISTC Couleur RVB81 SCART (SECAM) adapter in slot 7 as main video output.Unit came with the original books/manuals and brown leatherette apple carry bag, has seen water damage as the books and bag have mildew damage. Bag washed out fine, computer was cleaned, board needs a cleaning and there is a missing burned tantalum capacitor. It was all done carefully to preserve the machine and I keep the case and safe and sound at home.In the world of archtop guitarmaking, the legendary luthier James L.Vorpal - Early Vorpal - Later XEMAG 2.0 Links Thanks for visiting the Apple ][ serial registry.

This page is dedicated to keeping track of the Apple ]['s that are still alive and well and in the hands of collectors around the world.

D’Aquisto’s first venture into such an arrangement began circa 1968, when the Hagstrom company of Sweden recruited him to design a line of archtop jazz guitars for them.

Ironically, most of us associate Hagstrom with those little double-cutaway guitars covered in vinyl with plastic “swimming pool” pickup assemblies. However, below the surface you’ll find some sophisticated and interesting guitars, many of surprisingly good quality.

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But before it could happen, Bjarton closed its doors.