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Atlas On Strike is a 4 piece Pop-Punk band hailing from Minneapolis, MN.A new band on the scene, Atlas On Strike has already released and EP and full-length album as well as feverishly played a multitude of shows.

They currently have two members Sebastian Foreman(Lead guitar, Backup vocals) Mike Stuefen (Lead vocals, Bass) and their drum machine RC-30 (Drums, Keyboard).

Our fully staffed cafe has something for everyone, including a few handsome butlers at your service!

Tickets and reservations are .50 with pre-reg, and .00 at the door.

Quinton’s voice has been burning up film and television since he first arrived in Los Angeles from his native Cleveland.

He is an A-list voice actor, having played such famous animated characters as Jonny Quest, Spiderman, Speed Racer, The Human Torch, Timon, Snowbell in Stuart Little, just to name a few.

In addition to his skills as a swordsman, Sal's training at the Xavier Academy, an elite military high school in NYC, has made him an expert in the hand-to-hand combat and wilderness survival techniques taught by the US Army.

Aegis is a martial arts academy, but Aegis Academy isn't “just” a martial arts academy because Sal Sanfratello isn't “just” a martial artist.Greggo claimed he was there to talk to me about the case, check up on our wager, you know?I'm not sure if Gris fell for it, but he didn't question it."Greg told me that he accidentally handed you his phone instead of yours when you left after dinner last night, the little knucklehead." Both men chuckled; Warrick, because he thought Greg was adorably smitten, which caused him to make the simple error. Greggo will make the switch and come find you as soon as he gets our results going.Greg Wicker (or “Greggo” as he’s fondly known) has been producing and hosting game shows at anime conventions since 1999, when he premiered Anime Match Game at Project A-Kon in Dallas.Since then, Greggo has done anime-themed versions of several classic game shows, created a few games of his own, and even had an original project that very nearly turned into an actual television show on Anime Network.In addition to martial arts lessons, classes feature subject-matter-experts in everything from international relations and history to tactical leadership and management.

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