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Gnostic dating - dating cookeville tn

Gnostics have their own -- perhaps quite startling -- view of these matters: they hold that the world is flawed because it was created in a flawed manner.Like Buddhism, Gnosticism begins with the fundamental recognition that earthly life is filled with suffering.

To worship the cosmos, or nature, or embodied creatures is thus tantamount to worshipping alienated and corrupt portions of the emanated divine essence.

It is nearer the truth to say that Gnosticism expresses a specific religious experience, an experience that does not lend itself to the language of theology or philosophy, but which is instead closely affinitized to, and expresses itself through, the medium of myth.

Indeed, one finds that most Gnostic scriptures take the forms of myths.

Many religions advocate that humans are to be blamed for the imperfections of the world.

Supporting this view, they interpret the Genesis myth as declaring that transgressions committed by the first human pair brought about a “fall” of creation resulting in the present corrupt state of the world.

Human beings, with their complex physiology and psychology, are aware not only of these painful features of earthly existence.

They also suffer from the frequent recognition that they are strangers living in a world that is flawed and absurd.Gnostics respond that this interpretation of the myth is false.The blame for the world’s failings lies not with humans, but with the creator.Nor is the Eastern idea of Karma regarded by Gnostics as an adequate explanation of creation’s imperfection and suffering.Karma at best can only explain how the chain of suffering and imperfection works.Since -- especially in the monotheistic religions -- the creator is God, this Gnostic position appears blasphemous, and is often viewed with dismay even by non-believers.

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