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This is one of several homes constructed by African American builder, George Proctor.The house acted as the headquarters for Union solders after Florida’s surrender during the Civil War.

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Admission: .00 for Adults & Children, .00 for Leon County Public School Students.

Center and museum are open Monday-Thursday 9 a.m.-4p.m.

Organized in 1832, it is the only church remaining from Tallahassee’s territorial days.

Built in 1894, this historic home is listed under the register of historic places.

It now houses a museum celebrating the rich heritage of the Taylor, Casanas, Howell and Alexander families, the Frenchtown community and the civil rights move The mission of The Grove Museum is to preserve and interpret the Call-Collins House, its surrounding acreage, and its historical collections, in order to engage the public in dialogue about civil rights and American history.

I found a place to sit away from most of the others. The bucket had originally held wheel bearing grease for the railroad, and with a little clean up, but not too much clean up, now held a boiling liquid. Hanging on the bucket was a piece of stout wire, with a hook fashioned at the end. I stood up and again grabbed the wire with the hook, and started dipping into the boiling liquid.

One of the Hobos called out to me, “Been out long kid? “Well then, get ‘ya a piece of chicken.” I had noticed that something was cooking (how could I not? I used to wire to dip into the boiling liquid, and pulled out the a chicken leg. That chicken leg was the best chicken I had ever eaten before, or since. As I was gnawing at the bone to get the last piece of meat, the Hobo called out again, “Are ‘ya still hungry? My first dip into the bucket brought up another chicken leg. I was looking for a larger piece, a chicken breast would be the best. “Well”, I answered, “Ain’t this chicken got nothing but legs?However, after 3 days the sandwiches were gone, and I was very hungry.Up to this time, I had avoided going into Hobo camps.Florida A&M is now the oldest historically Black university in Florida with 12,000 students and 13 colleges awarding 62 bachelor’s degrees and 39 master’s degrees.In the 19th century, many French settlers moved to the area that is now bounded by Tennessee Street, Alabama Street, Woodward Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. In 1831, the then dubbed Frenchtown was comprised of plantations, churches, homesteads, educational institutions, businesses and residences.The modern day Lincoln High can be found at 3838 Trojan Trail.