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Surya Grahan is most favorable and brings out good results to the natives of Vrishabh (Taurus), Kanya (Virgo), Tula (Libra) and Kumbh (Aquarius) rashis or zodiac signs.

These ethnic characteristics are wrongly considered racial characteristics; but there really is only one race, the human race. Ultimately, everyone has the same skin color—we just have varying skin tones.In each case those who had the characteristics conducive to living in the region stayed and reproduced. Over many generations, these favorable characteristics would be carried forward in the gene pool, and the less favorable characteristics would tend to fall away.Thus, genetic variability in isolated populations gradually decreases.So today people with very dark skin usually have children with dark skin and people with very light skin usually have light-skinned children.However, people with “middle brown” skin often have children with a much wider range of skin tones. Because these “middle brown” people groups still have significant genetic variability with regard to skin tone.So the rulers (Prime minister, President, Ministers of Ruling parties) can be hit by this eclipse and they should be careful this year.

As the Patna and Bhopal are two state capitals where total eclipse can be seen, rulers, top officials and ministers of these states can be affected as well.

Unfortunately, many have used this philosophy to teach that different people groups evolved at different rates.

This allowed them to consider some people groups “less evolved” than others, some “races” closer to apes than others (always putting their own “race” at the top of the scale, of course).

Scientists involved with mapping the human genome have declared that there is only one race—the human race. ” We can rightly talk about people groups, but only with the understanding that these groups represent what the Bible refers to as “tribes” or “nations.” People do have ethnic and cultural heritages that can be honored and celebrated. Even in the midst of our differences, we are all the same. We all can trace our ancestry back to the first man, Adam. “ A closer look at the Genesis Flood account reveals a beautifully written, unified narrative that points to one inspired author.

Some have even said that the term race is meaningless. The idea of races calls us to ask a serious question: if there are different races, then which race did Christ die for? The passage masterfully highlights one central message: “God remembered Noah.” Along with in-depth articles on the Flood, this issue shows biblical and historical evidences of Christ’s Resurrection, new discoveries about the miracle of a butterfly’s metamorphosis and much more!

However, evolution has been used as a justification for racism. In fact, the genetic difference between any two people is only about one-tenth of one percent, trivial at best.

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