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Forum dating ukraine - dating sites in mx 2016

Until then, I, like many others, believed that women listed on pay-per-letter sites were legitimate: PPL is quite good at convincing.Yes, I knew there were some problems, but I thought they were minor, not systemic.

Recent shocking revelations of PPL agents (see screenshots below) show the pay-per-letter sites have miserably lost their advertised battle against fakes.The owner was happy to sell out and the takeover of PPL dating began.One by one, legitimate Russian dating sites submitted to the lure of high profits that PPL provides. As the result, PPL has spread in the body of the international dating industry like cancer.It is only after reading the vast amount of content on Russian forums that I realized that the system was inherently flawed.Wistleblowers figured it out much earlier (2006-2007) and tried to warn others.But strangely enough, PPL sites still managed to prosper, suing and silencing anyone who dared to speak up. But with the culture of transparency slowly but surely winning, it’s hard to keep hiding the cat in the bag.

New revelations confirm what whistleblowers kept voicing for a decade.

But Master Sites still pay commissions to Agents happily, knowing very well that no genuine woman will be sitting at her computer for 5-8 hours daily (at the time that is night at her location, so that it matches evening after work in the USA) chatting to dozens of guys.

We operate a dating site that doesn’t pay commissions and doesn’t charge for correspondence (all chats and mails are unlimited and free), we have no agents and people register themselves directly.

This is what allowed agents, who are getting paid 20-50% of the amounts that Master Sites charge men, make USD,000 per agent per month in 2008. website lists Master Sites (hubs) they developed the software for.

Those are the hubs that approved users of the PPL system login to view their earnings and do the job: chatting, emailing, posting photos.

Scams in PPL are not a system glitch but the product of the system. By the way, PPL sites are only deducting fines from the agents who fake live video. PPL portals just take an extra cut off the agents’ commissions—for themselves.