Ex boyfriend is dating another girl

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They could also indicate that you feel betrayed by him. You expected to be with him for years, and he betrayed you by leaving and no longer being someone that you could depend on. Dreaming About Your Ex-Boyfriend and His New Girlfriend This dream can represent fear or closure depending on the general ambiance of the dream.

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Your subconscious may have chosen your ex-boyfriend to represent the love or affection that you want in the future.It is also important to look at what your ex-boyfriend is doing in the dream to figure out the meaning.A dream with an ex-boyfriend dying means something far different than a dream that your ex-boyfriend is having sex with you.This type of dream generally represents the fact that you may miss his family or that you miss being such an important part of someone’s life. Dreaming About Your Ex-Boyfriend Having a Baby A baby represents new life, hope and family.In this context, it could show that you are afraid that your ex-boyfriend will move on or that you accept that he has moved on.Because of this, it is normal for dreams about your ex to happen at any point.

Your dreams are made from your subconscious mind and just show your own thoughts, feelings and desires.If you have not actually moved on yet, the dream may indicate that you recognize that he could be with someone else and you are uncomfortable about that thought. Dreaming About Your Ex-Boyfriend With Another Girl This dream has a similar meaning to the previous one.Since the girl might not be his girlfriend, it could represent a fear that someone else got in the way of your relationship or that you are worried he could have cheated in the past. Dreaming About Your Ex-Boyfriend Getting Married Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend getting married could symbolize that you have completely moved on from the relationship and hope that he does as well.It is quite normal to dream about your ex-boyfriend.Even if you have not dated for years, you still have memories of being together.If it’s because you feel guilty, then all you’re doing is leading them on.

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