Error validating database 121 sql error opening connection

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Error validating database 121 sql error opening connection - onlineasian dating com

Is there any way to identify the actual user in connection pooling who is doing DML. December 02, 2005 - am UTC what username do you mean. if by username you mean "the person running the application currently" - you will need to have the middle tier application figure out how it wants to pass you that information (probably by setting an application content in a procedure that verifies the username associated with the connection pool is the thing doing the calling).

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(as opposed to client server where by hundreds of simultaneous users would take hundreds of connections!

When tracing such an application, the required trace output can be scattered through many files.1) How is it possible to identify each of these trace files?

2) How is it possible to merge these trace files so that thet may be tkprofed?

I am seeing statements being parsed/executed/closed in my trace files probably because of this type of interface.

If I set my SESSION_CACHED_CURSORS to a value other than 0, you believe it may reuse these cursors?

Would you also please be so kind as to give a short explanation on the parameters "waits" and "binds".

Thank you in advance and kind regards Peter Our app is using a connection pool into the d B.there are lots of them and they are all "unique" -- but they have similar underlying DNA. If for some reason the developer does not commit or rollback as the last statement, do you know if the connection get clean out or the data sits in the connection till the next persons commits or rollbacks? My conern is that I did a statspack and it says the applicatin did 200,000 rollbacks in a small amount of time.We looked at the logs and there was not 200k application rollbacks.)On my site, I use mod_plsql, mod_plsql is reuseing these connections -- at most, I have between 10 and 15 connections out there (the connection pool shuts them down after a period of inactivity and allocates new connections as needed) As always , your thought process and explanation regarding any issues or problem is of tremedous help not only to me,but to many people like me who wants to know the rudimental meanings of each words in Oracle. Consider an application that uses connection pooling.When it does some long running processing it may switch server processes, that is, it may using different connections in the pool.These connections are stored in a pool in the middle tier, an "array" if you will.

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