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The narrator of the story, Mosquito, is invited to be a part of the gang after a silly fight over a chicken leg.Mosquito has grown up without a father and has never had any real friends, so after Monk, Dragon and the others take him under their wing, he discovers an irresistible world of friendship and brotherhood.

(2009) In this movie, a young man, Tian-kuo (played by Eddie Peng) is living with his parents and works as a delivery boy for the family’s restaurant.Starring: Ethan Juan, Mark Chao, Ju-Lung Ma Director: Doze Niu IMDb Info » Read the full post Tags: Doze Niu, Ethan Juan, Ju-Lung Ma, Mark Chao Drama | Romance The story revolves around the entangled and complex relationships between eight lonely hearts.Cyclist Yi Jia finds herself pregnant by aspiring director A Kai, whose girlfriend happens to be her best friend Xiao Ni. Drama Ah-Ching and his friends have just finished school in their island fishing village, and now spend most of their time drinking and fighting.Starring: Rene Liu, Wu Bai, Chao-jung Chen, Pao-Ming Ku, Shih-Chieh King, Eli Shih, Chao-ming Wang, Wen-hsi Chen, Doze Niu, Hsueh-Liang Pu Director: Kuo-Fu Chen IMDb Info » Read the full post Tags: Chao-jung Chen, Chao-ming Wang, Doze Niu, Eli Shih, Hsueh-Liang Pu, Kuo-fu Chen, Pao-Ming Ku, Rene Liu, Shih-Chieh King, Wen-hsi Chen, Wu Bai Drama Adapted from Taiwanese author Chu Tien Wen's novel, the film tells the story of a young man who grows up in a military dependants' village during the early days of modern Taiwan.Starring: Qi Shu, Youting Zhao, Wei Zhao, Amber Kuo, Yi-han Chen, Ching-Tien Juan, Eddie Peng, Doze Niu Director: Doze Niu IMDb Info » Read the full post Tags: Amber Kuo, Ching-Tien Juan, Doze Niu, Eddie Peng, Qi Shu, Wei Zhao, Yi-han Chen, Youting Zhao Alec Baldwin Andy Lau Anthony Hopkins Anthony Wong Antonio Banderas Ben Kingsley Brad Pitt Bruce Willis Christopher Walken Clint Eastwood Danny Glover Danny Trejo Ed Harris Eric Roberts Ethan Hawke Forest Whitaker Gary Oldman Jackie Chan James Franco John Cusack John Goodman Johnny Depp Julianne Moore Keanu Reeves Lance Henriksen Laurence Fishburne Liam Neeson Louis Koo Mark Wahlberg Matt Damon Matthew Mc Conaughey Meryl Streep Michael Caine Morgan Freeman Nicolas Cage Nicole Kidman Robert De Niro Robert Downey Jr.

Going on a date with your significant other is a fantastic way to keep the romance alive, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a boat load of cash.

Sure, Mayu (played by Sakurai Hinako) and Takuma (played by Nomura Shuhei) were friends since childhood, but they don’t meet in school.

Takuma has a heart condition and it’s because of his frequent trips to the cardiologist these two become friends – Mayu is the doctor’s daughter.

Xiao Ni's wealthy businessman father Lu Ping has been dating socialite Rou Yi for two years, but as he thinks their future is headed for the altar, Rou Yi becomes attracted to Xiao Kuan, an ordinary guy with a stuttering condition.

Lu Ping's young business associate Mark is a playboy who thought he would never settle on any woman, until he meets scruffy-looking single mom Xiao Yein Beijing…

Although Tian-kuo attempts to befriend her using sign langauge, it turns out she’s not even deaf. (2016) For some reason, we are incredibly drawn to movies with time travel elements, so it should be no surprise that this flick is on our list.

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