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But once your life improves, you become happy just being yourself, you will be fine.Ravinso are you saying basically just wait out this crap with my parents ( i should probably add my dad was emotionally/verbally abusive etc.) as long as it takes?

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Just hope your friends won't be assholes the whole time and ruining any chances you have. I think it's also known as a soulmate too, but I could be wrong. Keep your morals and beliefs, but at the same time, still have fun.

Hopefully some of this thanks yeah what both of you have said has helped quite a bit , if anyone has anything else to add though, id still love to hear it anyways yeah thanks I guess my problem, now that ive read what you wrote, isnt so much that i cant find anyone as it is i just want one person in particular and cant find anyone close oh well Actually, that is not a problem. My advice on this part, and believe me I need to start taking my own advice too, is to just go out and have fun. It's ok to wait for sex until you're married, and NO YOU ARE NOT PATHETIC.

I've never dated, i got a new job, met a guy and started going out with him. You have said you have been going through some hard times and it shows on your emotions and how people see you.

I don't recommend you go to bars, there's always drunk people there, instead i would go out with friends. You get yourself together, you become happier and things happen.

Not the SAME goals and such..along the same thought pattern.

At the same time, you also have to accept that these goals and views might change. First of all, you'll find that a lot of threads deal with this.In your post, honestly you come off a little whiney.Well if your looking for a serious relationship, a women will not want someone who whines. I bitched about everything and well, I got no where.A lot of my friends think my dating problems have a lot to do with feelings of abandonment from my dad leaving us, but I really dont think thats what it is anyways, please someone try to help me out if you can im a good guy and i just cant seem to meet people how do i meet girls that wont either avoid me or just want to be friends (as those in the past have)? Dating is all about figuring out what YOUR rules, YOUR boundries, YOUR wants, and YOUR needs are, and then attempting to find someone who sees dating in a similar way.You want to wait to have sex until you're married, then you need to find someone who feels the same way.Maybe go to a party, talk to people, mingle a little, let them know you're single & looking. I too am 19 (20very soon) never kissed a girl, never dated anyone, but I am having the time of my life.

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