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We also use cookies to measure how often people do things such as click on or view ads.Cookies also allow us to provide insights about the people who use the Facebook Products, as well as the people who interact with the ads, websites and apps of our advertisers and the businesses that use the Facebook Products.

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Cookies help us provide, protect and improve the Facebook Products, such as by personalising content, tailoring and measuring ads, and providing a safer experience.

For example, our measurement partners use cookies on the Facebook Products to help advertisers understand the effectiveness of their Facebook advertising campaigns and to compare the performance of those campaigns to ads displayed on other websites and apps.

Learn more about the companies that use cookies on the Facebook Products.

For example: Cookies can help us understand how people use the Facebook service, analyse which parts of the Facebook Products people find most useful and engaging, and identify features that could be improved.

Yes, other parties may use cookies on the Facebook Products to provide services to us and the businesses that advertise on Facebook.

For example: We use cookies to help businesses understand the kinds of people who like their Facebook Page or use their apps so they can provide more relevant content and develop features that are likely to be interesting to their customers.

We also use cookies to help you opt out of seeing ads from Facebook based on your activity on third-party websites.For example: Cookies help us route traffic between servers and understand how quickly Facebook Products load for different people.Cookies also help us record the ratio and dimensions of your screen and windows and know whether you've enabled high-contrast mode, so that we can render our sites and apps correctly.Third parties also use cookies on their own sites and apps in connection with the Facebook Products.To understand how other parties use cookies, please review their policies.For instance, cookies allow us to make suggestions to you and others, and to customise content on third-party sites that integrate our social plugins.

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