Define validating parking

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Define validating parking

A good time to check is first thing in the morning - you can see how the garage looks before cars fill the spaces.Check with the parking manager to ensure that an annual or semi-annual power wash or steam cleaning is performed.

Any expenses exceeding a specific line item shouldn’t be exceeded without written approval from the owner.One option is to deactivate the key cards until payment has been received.Entry and exit lanes are key control points for your operation.Is it the always-clean glass entry doors with logo-embossed doormats?In many cases, it’s the parking garage that provides first impressions to your building tenants and guests.If equipment cabinets are found to be unlocked, the issue should be discussed with the parking facility manager.

Access to equipment-cabinet keys should be limited to only the parking manager or supervisor.

In many cases, management and maintenance of the structure are outsourced to a professional parking operator.

If this is your situation, you should regularly walk through the structure with the parking manager to ensure your tenants’ first impressions of your building are positive, and to make sure the parking facility is receiving basic maintenance.

The agreement should clearly define which expenses are to be reimbursed to the parking operator; those expenses should be limited to direct operating expenses incurred at your location.

[Read also: How to Avoid Progressive Collapse in Your Building] The operator’s charges for off-site supervision, bookkeeping and other expenses allocated among your parking facility and other parking facilities managed by the parking operator should not be reimbursable and paid for by the operator under the management fee.

These wash-downs are done to remove salt and to clean the floors.

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