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It contains a gener- ic body of knowledge necessary to provide homemaker-home health aide service, including home management, personal care, child care and the teaching aspect of the service.

Margaret Dunn, Nurse Education Branch REGIONAL OFFICES Pat Atkinson, Division of Health Services, Atlanta Mike Oliva, Division of Health Services, Denver Department of Labor: Tom Mc Callon Keith Bond IV TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Use of the Model Curriculum and Teaching Guide 1 Section L: The Homemaker-Home Health Aide Service 13 Unit A. The Need for Homemaker-Home Health Aide Service 96 Part 3. Role of the Homemaker-Home Health Aide in Mental Illness 16^ Unit H. Maintaining A Clean, Safe and Healthy Environment 192 Part 1. Teaching Others in the Home to do Home Maintenance 200 Unit B. Care of the Person in Bed 345 Body Mechanics 347 Positioning the Person in Bed 34R EKLC VI r Table of Contents (continued) Pagg ERIC Elimination of Wastes 349 Reestablishing Bowel and Bladder Routine 351 Bathing and Grooming . ; Preventing Development of Pressure Sores 354 Shampoo in Bed 334 Special Foot Care 355 Shaving 355 The Back Rub 356 Mouth Care 35g Care of Dentures 358 Making the Occupied Bed 358 Unit E. Some agencies have a person or committee responsible for training.

(YLB) * Beproductions supplied by EDBS are the best that can be made * * from the original document, * EKLC A MODEL CURRICULUM AND TEACHING GUIDE FOR THE INSTRUCTION OF THE HOMEMAKER-HOME HE.\LTH AIDE us OEPARTMENTOF HEALTH, EDUCATION & WELFARE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF , EDUCATION THIS DOCU^/^ENT HAS BEEN REP*? DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Public Health Service Health Services Administration Bureau of Community Health Services 5600 Fishers Lane Rockville, Maryland 20857 M'-:^ ■ . "^Ahy references to ' DHEW within this text should be considered as DHHS. This document was developed by the National Council for fiomemaker- Home Health Aide Services, Inc., New York, New York, under Contract No- 2 with the Bureau of Community Health Services, HSA, ? 3 FOREWORD The homemaker-home health aide is a team member with professional health and social staff members who are responsible for providing home care services.

n- DUCED EXACTLY AS RECEIVED r RQV THE PERSON OR ORGANIZATION ORIGIN- ATING IT POINTS OF VIEA OB OPi Nt ONS STATED DO NOT n ECESSABilv REPRE- SENT Orrt Ci AL NATIONAL INST'TUTFOP EDUCATION POSITION OR POUCV DHHS Publication No. MJ^t^-:'-' Oa May 4, 1980, the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (. These services are needed by the elderly, families with children, the chronically-ill and convalescent, and the handicapped.

Section II: WORKING WITH PEOPLE Patricia Gilroy, Special Consultant, National Council for Homemaker-Home Health Aide Services, Inc.

Section III: PRACTICAL SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE IN HOME MANAGEMENT Dr. Edna Page Anderson American Home Economics Association Section IV: PRACTICAL SKILLS AND KNOI^JLEDGE IN PERSONAL CARE Mary Ann Griswold and Dr. Mental Illness 505 Appendix H: Basic National Standards for Homemaker-Home Health Aide Services 521 Appendix III: Homemaker-Home Health Aide Practicum North Seattle Community College 524 Appendix IV: Sample Agreement for Field Practice 525 Appendix V: Homemaker-Home Health Aide Practicum Uocumentation of Experience 528 EKLC IX 1 USE OF THE MODEL CURRICULUM AND TEACHING GUIDES FOR THE INSTRUCTION OF HOMEMAKE R-HOME HEALTH AIDES The purpose of the model curriculum and teaching guide is to as- sist agencies, educational institutions and other groups to plan, organize and provide the initial training needed by homemaker- home health aides.

Based on approximately sixty hours of classroom and laboratory instruction and fifteen hours of field practice, the curriculum contains these five sections, each with several units: (1) The Homemaker-Home Health Aide Service (5 units), a general orientation: (2) Working with People (8 units) : (3) Practical Knowledge and Skills in Home Management (3 units); (U) Practical Knowledge and Skills in Personal Care (9 units) : and (5) Application of Knowledge and Skills--The Practicum, a situation in tne home with supervised guidance.

Persons aged 35-60 are considered most desirable as trainees, but indication of maturity is more appropriate as a criterion.Eugene Shinn, National Council for Homemaker- Home Health Aide Services, Inc. Emergencies 427 Maintaining and Restoring Breathing Control of Bleeding, Foreign Body in the Airway 430 Poisoning, Care of Shock 431 Burns 432 VIII Table of Contents (continued) Heart Attack Convulsions 434 Unit I. Therefore, it will prepare the trainee to work in an agency that makes such a program or any aspect of it available.Training: Thomas Kinney, School of Social Welfare State University of New York, Albany Advisory Committee: Dr. Cooney American Vocational Association III Advisory Committee - continued Keith Daugherty, General Director Family Service Association of America Hadley D. Needs of the Person with Limited Function 403 Part 2. The Person with One Sided Weakness (Stroke) 407 Part 4. This curriculum is based on the belief that each homemaker-home health aide needs and will obtain in-service training on a con- tinuing basis.DOCOBEIT BESOHE ED 195 632 TITLE INSTITOTICN SPONS AGENCY BEPOPT NO POB DATE CONTBACT NOTE AVAIIABLE FBOM EDBS PRICE DESCBIPTOBS CE 018 791 A Model Curriculum and Teaching Guide for the Instruction of the Homemaker-Home Health Aide, National Council for Homemaker-Home Health Aide Services^ New York^ N . Bureau of Community Health Services (DHHS/PHS)^ Eockviller Md. Appendix 1 contains four modules suggesting training content with added knowledge and skills in these areas: cancer, diseases of the circulatory system, developmental disabilities, and ajental illness. Each unit includes some or ail of the following: estimated time, suggestions to instructor, introduction to material, expected outcome, materials and eguipment, content, teaching aids (exercises, exhibits, handouts, discussion guestions) , and assessment instrument.Marcia Dake American National Red Cross Section V: PRACTICUM AND THE USE OF THE CURRICULUM AND TRAINING GUIDE Esther Gilbertson, National Council for Homemaker- Home Health Aide Services, Inc. This curriculum will equip them to work for an agency and under professional supervision.

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