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I have friends who said they felt nothing and were bored by the tv channel selections. I know that seems impossible, such a huge and life changing bodily event - but I swear it’s true.

I have laughter dates with myself, where I find comics on You Tube and watch them.

And I think I’m ready for that next chapter of my life – I think I’d be a rad mom. You almost (almost) forget the birth you just went through, because what comes after is so all consuming. After the dust settles, you’ll be like, wait a minute, can we go back to that part where I broke my body to bring an actual human into the world? And in that telling, you will find support and solidarity. Buried in there is a truth that I discovered as soon as I gave birth to my first child: the focus shifts from mother to baby immediately. I think the medical world, and world at large, has a lot of room for improvement on the care of a new mother the baby, especially in early post-partum care. When you were 20 and set the goal to go after, it didn’t look like a steady adult partner you’d love in all the truly boring ways only long-time partners can. A large part of your identity is wrapped up in that career, in that chase. When you’re younger, that cornerstone of identity can be necessary – to form your own foundation outside of your childhood and parents.

A new human being arrives on the scene at that exact moment to steal your limelight and love. Days, weeks, months go by in a blur while you’re adjusting to new life as a mother and getting to know that demanding, adorable babe. You’ll share all the insane details with your girlfriends, and compare notes with other mothers. With your name on the mailbox instead of the marquee.

Dating a toxic guy is one thing when you’re under 25 and still having fun, but trying to settle down with one for real would be a nightmare.

Trying to get him to properly commit isn’t entirely impossible, but then trying to get him to contribute to a functional relationship would be a whole other challenge. Even though you can learn something from even the worst of relationships, serial dating idiots is a major waste of your time and energy.

For all the reasons I mention above, birth and early motherhood is a baptism by blood and fire. Don’t stop being ambitious, or going after your dreams of success. More than success defined narrowly by career, you are successful at life.

But it’s the beginning of something, not the whole story. Smart people, talented people, work hard and never get that golden carrot.

So, find someone you like and trust, tell them your concerns.

Secondly, while the birth experience can be intense, it can also sometimes be really boring?

You’ll constantly be investing time into guys who not only don’t deserve it, but wasting time in a series of relationships that will be short lived and will destroy your confidence. Loving yourself enough to know that you deserve more than an awful guy is the perfect reason to change your dating habits.

Deciding that you won’t put up with being treated poorly will not only give your confidence a big boost, but it’ll put you on the path to better things in the future. You can’t complain about never meeting good guys if you never give them a chance.

You sound like you have a happy, secure, full life. I showed up, worked hard, and knew I was there to be a boss. But after years of being SO CLOSE and never quite achieving what I considered to be success that equated to my levels of ambition... I’m trying to reconcile the person I’ve always been with someone who is...happy with a house, a love, a job. How do I reconcile the image of my old self with someone who just has a nice life... Ambitiously Average Dear Ambitiously Average, I felt this question in my very bones.

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