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Not all mindful couples are interested in genderless courtships—the best foot forward theory applies to young contemporaries as much as it does to traditional hopefuls.

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The less BFDs (benefits of the doubt) offered, the better.

Profiles that suggest a readiness for long term partnership may demonstrate a focus on long term qualities that could potentially touch their lives.

If you want to make an impression no matter how much money you have, focus on creating an interesting experience.

Effort, style and personality can be game changing so whatever you do until you’re sure you want to invest, make it count. You’ve finally confessed that Dutch is the road for you to equality bliss, even during initial stages of exploring a deeper connection.

Putting a best foot forward doesn’t mean being rich, it means being clear, mature and invested in a healthy, loving relationship.

What we invest in and co-create will shape traditions where each partner feels embraced for their contributions, unique roles and, hopefully, worth.

Ultimately, if we identify where we are in life right now and where we want to go, we can have an inside track to the kind of love money just can’t buy.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping dating light but keep it interesting so it can last and by all means, make it count.

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A hip, fresh face may have a different approach to a woman open to having a family.

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    She should always color inside the lines.” I asked him about great bookkeepers he’d worked with in the past.