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Progress through the basic ultrasound modules is competency based and must be assessed using the appropriate tool (OSATS, Cb D, etc.).


Delivery of ultrasound training is coordinated at deanery level by the Specialty Training Committee/School of O&G, who appoint a Deanery Ultrasound Coordinator.

On completion of the basic ultrasound assessment of fetal size, liquor and the placenta module, trainees will be able to assess presentation, placental site, liquor volume, basic growth parameters etc.

in ‘out of hours’ situations or when immediate sonographer support isn't available.

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This activity also involves neotectonics and geodynamical studies encompassing paleoseismological, paleoclimatic investigations, characterisation and mapping of active faults, regional landscape and terrain characterization using the tools like 14C dating of organic materials, optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating of sediments and low temperature thermochronological methods in the various geological terrains of the Indian land mass.

This page provides information to trainers about how ultrasound training in O&G should be delivered, supervised and assessed.

Investigations on physicochemical and biogeochemical processes controlling the migration of heavy metals and oil products were performed in the sub-surface environment of Kukatpally watershed, Hyderabad while the chemical speciation and bioavailability of potentially toxic metals have been studied in the soils of contaminated sites at Unnao-Kanpur IDA, (UP) and Patncheru IDA (Hyderabad).

To identify the water yielding fracture zones in the bore wells, EC, temperature profiling and depth sampling methods are being employed.

They will be aware of when formal confirmatory ultrasound assessment is required.

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