Dating whiting and davis mesh bags

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Semi-precious stones, highly quality crystals, and high quality cameos have always been a part of the Whiting & Davis fashion collections; they've always been embraced. When the company first started everything was sterling.The oldest we have is probably this bag [from the late 1800s, early 1900s]; similar to the very first handbag.

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Thank you to everyone who read our work over the years. Throughout the 20th century they produced costume jewelry, the most popular, besides the mesh necklaces, being their huge bangles and fabulous cameos, reproduced from antique styles. This bracelet is signed Whiting & Davis Mesh Bags over the inside hinge, and you also get the Limoges signature in gold on the back of the porcelain. Such a Highly collectible can become an heirloom in your family. As a redhead, this is one of my best colors, olivine, or olive green. They are known as silversmiths and also for their invention of a machine that could produce the fabulous mesh bags. The lady is hand painted over a transfer, giving an essential pearled look to her hair decoration and collar. The oval porcelain is encased in a silvertone bezel among intricate silvertone leaves, bows, and other openwork folderol which extends to the side of the bangle.These were worn from the belt with a little clip and it would often hold a woman's dance cards. How do you begin to archive this legacy and work through it?What is the most surprising thing you've learned from digging into the company's past? The brand is well known for handbags, but we have books dating back to the late 1800s showing original sketches and designs of jewelry. Think about Victorian times—this snake bracelet here was made early 1900s, and it's not a conservative piece. A lot of these designs we can use as inspiration today.It really exploded from a small cottage industry to a major product.

What are the benefits of producing in Massachusetts?At estate sales, on e Bay, and perhaps in your grandmother's recollections of yesteryear, the name Whiting & Davis is commonly heard, as its chain mesh legacy extends back to the early 1890s, permeating the jewelry and handbag markets ever since.Founded in Plainville, Massachusetts, the company today calls Attleboro Falls home with a twenty-person production team working in a factory that continues to churn out mesh from its historic, proprietary machines.Though the handbag division is now a separate entity based in California, walk us through that history a bit.In its heyday, Whiting & Davis was selling almost a million bags a year.The reason we're still here today at Whiting & Davis is that they were engineers. Applying color to our flat mesh and snake mesh has never been done before; we think we're the only ones.