Dating someone young

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If you find yourself facing this situation, how do you know you’re ready?You can message, vote, search, upload photos and creat yourself a unique profile. But what if they have a child or multiple children?People in this situation can and do have success, and often end up in happy marriages.Dating a person with kids has a different set of challenges, but its not an impossible feat.This doesn’t mean you can be fake; kids can spot a fake person blindfolded. There will be times that your partner will not be able to go out or do things that you want to do because of the kids, so last minute spontaneous outings aren’t the best unless you have taken into account a need for a reliable and trusted sitter (and any other needs). Understand that as much as your partner wants to spend time with you, it is not wise to make them pick between their child and you.

Never put them in this situation because it makes you seem inconsiderate.

Once you show them this, things may start to get easier. Sometimes people wonder if they can truly care about kids that aren’t theirs. It may take some time to get to know each other, and understand each other, but that’s where the care and love come from. There is room in your heart if you have courage to allow people in.

Kids aren’t scary, but if your partner sees that you are not careful with what they hold precious, the relationship won’t last.

The fact that there are children involved doesn’t change why you were attracted to them in the first place.

The only thing that it changes is knowing this relationship will have more requirements.

On the same token, if you are asked to do something and you are uncomfortable do the task, speak up.