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But online, and specifically on dating apps, tacos are more than just beloved: They are advertisements for a stranger’s entire personality.“I’m just here for the tacos,” reads a typical, somewhat self-conscious bio of a 20- or 30-something city-dwelling single person on apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge.

(“Buy me tacos and touch my butt,” is a slightly different but related variant.) Why is it that tacos, a messy food that absolutely no one looks hot eating, are inescapable on the websites we visit to find someone to make out with?

And then, of course, there is the fact that everything we include on our dating apps is a constructed performance with relatively high stakes and an explicit endgame (true love, maybe, or at least a hookup), and that people are, underneath our hard taco shells, all the same. Within a few minutes, she’s sent me a handful of screenshots from Hinge mentioning tacos that she’d swiped through at that very moment.

Other friends — men and women, most of them straight — say tacos were mentioned in anywhere from a third to 80 percent of bios they see. Years ago, it seemed, a different not-exactly-healthy food item dominated dating apps: pizza.

Nearly all of us have someone dishy from our pasts who we regard as the one that got away.

Attend a school, work or university networking event and reignite your crush.

Loving pizza has long been a universal signifier of being down-to-earth, that despite someone’s toned body or expensive vacations, they too enjoy the cheap and caloric combination of sauce, cheese, and bread.

Just like 2013’s most relatable celebrity, Jennifer Lawrence!

“I’ll take you to the best taco spot in town,” boasts another.

When tacos don’t show up in the form of an emoji on someone’s bio, they still might use it as an opening line — “Tacos or quesadillas?

‘Mmmm, this one’s yummy,’ is literally all you have to say to start a conversation.

You may just discover your dreamboat has been sitting behind the photocopier all these years.

Why not align yourself with something 100 percent of people love?

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