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"We’re also programmed to get really excited about a new [sexual] opportunity because it used to be rare.So you put those two together and you see that that’s why there’s an explosion of online dating...." Walsh broke it down using a food analogy: We evolved to crave salt, sugar and fat because in our past, these critical nutrients were rare and essential for our survival as a species.

With the desirability of senders determined, they found that people tended to go for partners about 25 percent higher “up” in the dating hierarchy, creating what these researchers call the “desirability gap.” Essentially, this gap describes the gulf between your own score, and the score of someone you think is worthy of your attention.

but are you really going to close the door on all those other potential Tinder matches? "I think if you are looking for a long-term relationship, spending time on a site that does deeper psychological testing and ...

provides you with fewer matches is a better way to go," Walsh said.

After those 90 days, if things aren't meshing the way you hoped they would, you can go your separate ways and re-download those apps.

"If you have one foot in the dating pool and one trying to build a relationship, you won’t succeed," Walsh said.

"So if a new hunter walked into our encampment and he did not possess the genes we had, he smelled very delicious. In today's dating scene, our (over)excitement unfortunately translates into endless right swipes and hundreds of matches with people who we don't ever intend on hanging out with IRL.

"The matching game has become so much fun, the texting each other [has become] so much fun, they don’t even take things into the real world," Walsh said.Whether you're swiping for ~cuddles~, for love, for friendship, for validation or for absolutely nothing whatsoever (hey, Tinder's a great way to kill time), your addiction might be giving you something wayyy worse than a sore thumb. But we've never had this many options before in human history, which makes Tinder an "evolutionarily novel" environment, Dr. "We spent 50,000 years roaming the savannah in groups of of not more than 35 people, maybe up to 40," Walsh explained.Swiping impulsively over and over -- which is a feature of nearly every dating app now, not just Tinder -- could actually be affecting our brains. Wendy Walsh, who specializes in the psychology of love, sex and gender roles, told MTV News why having so many fish in the sea may be less awesome than we think it is. "Most of the people in these groups that we roamed with were related to us ...The researchers used data from “a popular, free online dating service,” and weren’t allowed to reveal which website they used.The data were fit to an existing algorithm that predicts desirability based on how messages received and desirability of the senders..and in our entire lifespan, we never met more than 150 humans." Mating opportunities for horny cavemen and cavewomen were obviously very, very different from the ones we have today.

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