Dating restrictions in the church

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Paul probably used the expression ) which could assemble on occasion (1 Cor. Different congregations, guided by different leaders and teachers, determined their own practices and boundaries.[12] Some house churches may have borrowed elements from synagogues services.

In fostering this dynamic of equality, Paul avoided the use of leadership titles and descriptions that might suggest a hierarchy among believers.

Much business and commerce centered around households of the wealthy.

These households could be sizable domestic communities including immediate family, extended family members, servants/slaves, and employees.

In the post-apostolic writings, however, women ministers are mentioned much less frequently and they almost disappear.

Furthermore, in some of the post-apostolic writings, women are rarely addressed directly and seem excluded from even general instructions.

Wayne Meeks observes that “In four places in the Pauline letters[1] specific congregations are designated by the phrase , which we may tentatively translate ‘the assembly at N’s household’.”[2] Women were involved in each of these four house churches.[3] Prisca, with Aquila, hosted and led a house church in Ephesus (1 Cor. Nympha hosted a church in her home in Laodicea and is greeted in Colossians . in ancient Mediterranean society, among both Jews and non-Jews, women often played quite powerful social and political leadership roles.

In house churches, the public sphere (the traditional domain of men) and the more private, domestic sphere (the traditional domain of women) overlapped, and women—especially the wealthy women who hosted churches in their own homes—had equal opportunities to minister.[4] Deborah Gill and Barbara Cavaness write: . Such roles were rooted in these women’s authority at the household level.Titus is said to have ministered of his own initiative.Or, as Paul put it, God put the concern in the heart of Titus (2 Cor. Paul began ministering after being commissioned by Jesus, but without official approval from apostles or elders—something he seems to be proud of (Gal. In the primitive church, people did not need to go through some sort of official channel in order to begin ministering.First Clement, a letter written by the Roman Christians to the Corinthians in around 95-97, seems to be primarily written to a male audience who are addressed several times as ) (Barn. In Second Clement, a pseudonymous letter written in around 140-160, men and women are also addressed together.Towards the end of Second Clement this becomes explicit as both “brothers and sisters” () are implored to heed the same instructions (2 Clem. Chapter 12 of Second Clement contains a profound message of gender equality and indicates that gender discrimination has no place in the body of Christ.Jesus urged his disciples to follow his example and told them: But you are not to be called rabbi, for you have one teacher, and you are all students.

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