Dating requirements

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Since then, my list has evolved – maybe not necessarily shortened or grown, but change in what I consider more important.If I had to cut my list down to five non-negotiables, I suppose it would be honesty, respect, ambition, attraction and undeniable chemistry.

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By the way, read this whole thing, I believe that this will impact your life more than you expect. Friends thought I would never find that person, some even said you might be alone forever. She exists, I’ve experienced love, travel, memories, sensual and passionate sex with exactly this woman. People, you have no fucking clue how many filters I make women go through in my own head.She fucking changed all 4 dimensions of my life in a 3 dimensional planet. You can be “better” and you should try to be “better” whatever that means to you. She impacted so many things that will determine how my life will be lived from this moment on… But at the end of the day, know that you, being you in a genuine way will always be enough to change a life. Someone dedicated, genuine, honest, funny, spontaneous, faithful. Sometimes I think the little things can hold us back, like only liking tall men, or men with a certain shape or big muscles. If I had to list my top five non-negotiable characteristics, I guess they would be trustworthy, respectful, handsome, driven, and family-oriented.Usually, most men I date do meet these requirements. no friends married) Amanda: Men may have lists, but I’m betting they’re completely different than woman’s requirements.If I had to cut my list down to five non-negotiables, I’d say that I must get butterflies from the get-go, be physically attracted to him, and he must be kind hearted, not afraid to show emotions and must be a gentleman. I try, and I usually I know within the first interaction with that person if I can see it moving forward or not. If I were to actually sit down and write out a list, I would say the majority of it would be made up of stuff like morals, values, dedication… As I’ve gotten older, my criteria has become more focused on values – it’s more about the type of person I’d want to be stuck with for the rest of my life. I do find myself making assumptions about certain things when looking through online dating sites.

For example, I’ll see an investment banker and automatically assume he’s a total douchelord based on this bit of information. I’ve never actually taken the time to sit down and write a list.And some people – well, their list looks like a freaking sushi menu If you’re single, you may have found yourself wondering if your list of dating requirements is holding you back at all.In fact, you may have had well-meaning (but seriously obnoxious) friends and family members tell you to stop being so picky. We asked Laura, Amanda, Lisa, Nycole, Chloe, Brittany and Nick to tell us a little bit about their personal dating requirements – and find out how they really feel about dating checklists. It started as a joke my freshmen year in college (pre-Facebook days! It was a typed list based on a point system – 65 total points, and a guy needed 50 to be considered.Since I’m not much of a dater, I don’t usually go out with a guy unless I really see potential. There’s a few things (like two dozen) that I always have at the forefront of my mind, but most of it is just like a completely casual, non-emotional stunting, mental pro-con list. Just the men who think that’s possible for the rest of us. I think they may be shorter lists and lists change upon circumstances (i.e. I would hope to be qualified similar to how I qualify men. Lisa: Absolutely – and I’m sure like ours, their lists have evolved as they’ve gotten older.Numero uno: If you send me a d**k pic, it’s getting posted on the internet along with your number. My friend Jameson is always the voice of reason when I’m out in da’ clubs (I hate myself), and keeps it super real and is usually like, “Bro, that dude only kind of looks like he might have a little meth in his eye. If they haven’t, they’re probably not someone you’d want to be with anyhow. Their lists are created by their penises, and women create our list with our hearts. In fact, I think men have a variety of lists for different circumstances.I do feel that this criteria is 100% helping me, rather than hindering me.

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