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Dating psychology games - nulled php dating script

Jim Friedrich reports that he uses this activity and adds: "I simply have my pairs that have emerged from the game arbitrarily designate a "Partner A" and a "Partner B"; then each pair gets to plot their coordinates with Partner A on the X asis and Partner B on the Y.There's always a very nice scatterplot, as the demo itself produces pretty good matching.

Variety from an Intimate Relationships course - Gary Lewandowski lets students choose from a variety of assignments including comparing popular press claims versus the research and creating a "how to" guide for relationship success.

I used the film Faces (with John Cleese) and the books, The Autobiography of the face, and another book (not the companion to the video Faces) The Face, which was a great resource.

About 2/3 into the semester I had arranged for the Human Race Machine to come onto campus for a week and students could transform their faces into another race as well as age themselves 20 years.

and then I had several students contact me asking if I still had their pages so they could transfer them to another site. Dubbed the Benjamin Franklin effect, this video describes a study investigating what happens when one partner puts a lot of effort into a relationship.

All in all it was a fun semester." Stress and conflict in relationships - A podcast from Science of Relationships -- Are there any podcasts you have your students listen to outside of class and then discuss in class or have them respond to in some other way? Via Wikipedia, the Benjamin Franklin effect is illustrated when "a person who has done someone a favor is more likely to do that person another favor than they would be if they had received a favor from that person.

I've only read a summary and haven't been able to get the original yet, so don't quote me on this. Sexual Economics: Sex as Female Resource for Social Exchange in Heterosexual Interactions.

For a more formal and comprehensive treatment of using market and economic principles in an attempt to understand key elements of heterosexual relationships, I regularly assign the following article by Roy Baumeister and Kathleen Vohs. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 8, 339-363.] It always generates lots of reactions (ranging from amused to heated) and provides a good opportunity for talking about what one looks for or doesn't in good theory -- ability to parsimoniously explain a range of existing phenomena, ability to generate new testable predictions, use of principles that are "independently motivated" (developed for purposes other than for explaining the phenomena in question), etc.

Students really were fascinated by this (I had seen it at a museum in see, the end of the semester we used the facial recognition software and many students posted those images that were "supposed" to look like them on their wiki pages. Here is a link to a conversation with the actress who played the overweight woman in the clip.

Again, students really enjoyed it and in fact, I had promised that three weeks after the semester I would "take down" the wiki pages with student pictures, etc. gives his take on the subject in this compelling scene from his tv show. Here is a description and video of comedy clip about overweight women that has received less attention.

I gave students the right to remove their picture if they wanted to, but I think only one or two out of 120 did so.

We talked about face recognition in the brain section, perception allowed for some unique illusions with face symmetery and other facial illusions, in learning and memory we talked about remembering names and/or faces, we talked about facial _expression_, the baby's innate fascination of faces, culture and beauty, I can't remember all of the little and not so little tie ins off the top of my head.

It also provides opportunities to talk about things like naturalistic fallacy errors and the temptation to evaluate psychological theories (provisional and testable descriptions of nature) by the way they make us feel or the social ends they might or might not serve." The Similarity Project - In one version of this activity, starting in groups of four, students are asked to identify as many similarities as they can between their different groups.

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