Dating pangulong erap estrada

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Dating pangulong erap estrada

He was also very transparent, many times, to a fault.Against all well-meaning advice, he openly showed his anger and he answered questions from the media frankly and candidly. He was unpretentious and spontaneous with his reactions.

Ang dalawampu't dalawa pang Senador ay pawang mga kandidato ng yumaong Pangulong Corazon C. Limang taon kaming magkatabi ng upuan noon sa Senado.

Precisely, he prefaced his speech by explaining that he is doing this out of a sense of moral duty to the public and the nation.

His call was for God to save this country from Joseph Ejercito Estrada.

Alfredo Lim, on the way to the NBI compound where I was booked and temporarily detained. Mabuti pa samahan ko kayo." And so he did ride with me in the van.

Erap stayed long at the NBI, drove away the media who wanted to capture and feast on my image being fingerprinted and photographed as a criminal. I could never forget this most sincere gesture of concern and kindness which Erap readily extended to me during one of my darkest days, when many of my so-called friends chose to keep their distance from me.

With that call, I believe it is fair and safe to conclude that Senator Lacson's so-called "revelations" against his former President and Commander-in Chief was a serious and deliberate effort to dissuade the public from electing President Erap back to the highest position in the land.

I must give credit to Senator Lacson for being unequivocal about his intentions and for going straight to the point, his ultimate point, which is that Erap must not be allowed to lead this nation again.

Joseph Ejercito Estrada is by no means a perfect man. To be honest, I believe some of his best traits may have been the very ones that eventually worked against him. It is good to trust but, perhaps, he trusted the wrong people.

He was carefree in his ways, but this otherwise desirable trait did not serve him well because he occupied no less than the highest position in the land.

Senator Lacson has expressed that it pained him to make his revelations which, he says, is aimed "to unmask" the "real President Joseph "ERAP" Estrada." But I am sure that the heaviness he felt in his heart then could not compare with the pain that must have gripped the President's own son, whose father was being subjected to such grave and serious accusations right in his presence and in the halls of this august Chamber.

I am not certain why and how things have come to this. There are many questions that have been boggling the minds of the public since this controversy started. President, I do not stand today to attribute any ill-will or any ill motive to the Gentleman from Cavite who not only served under President Erap Estrada, but more than that, was also once known to have enjoyed the full trust and confidence of the former President.

He was generous with his friends, but his generosity was exploited by those who were never really his friends in the first place.

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