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Every twig and tendril was as sharp and solid as if laboriously carved from the ivory itself. 10 — A Japanese inspiration wallpaper pattern with a flight of cranes on a salmon-trout-colored ground, with intertwining foliage of willow green, the cranes deep violet and black, with the light figured on their wings by gold reflections, the conventional Japanese apple blossom with gnarled and knotted wood on a ground of mat gold, imitating lacquer.

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Printed wallpaper for the Victorian 1900 house featured designs for the entrance hall, dining room, living room, morning room, bedrooms, a nursery, and kitchen.When painting a Victorian style room, color has the power to alter the apparent proportions of a room. Green, unless very dark, has little effect upon, the room, keeping the walls, as decorators say, well in place.Tan, gray, blue and pink have the effect of adding space, while brown, unless very light, has the same quality as green. Learn how to select wallpaper designs for your home.Morris set up his own company with fellow artists called Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co in 1861, (later just Morris & Co), which produced everything from furniture and textiles to wallpaper and jewelry.Great pains were taken by William Morris personally in the preparation of pure and lasting colors, nothing being spared to that end; some of his vats requiring years to bring their dyes to perfection.5 — Wallpaper with a charming suggestion of nature featuring ponds of gold and green wavelets with gold and green waterfowl, lily pads, leaves and sedges interspersed with ferns and gray-green buds, berries and leaves, with clusters of pink and gold wild roses, all on a gray ground. 6 — Gold leaves and stems springing out of an emerald-green oval panel outlined in thin bands of brilliant pale scarlet on a dazzling maroon ground. 7 — A shimmering white Arabic flock design on a pale vitreous sea-green ground.

A wallpaper pattern full of culture, poetry and beauty. 8 — Heavily-stamped plush wallpaper with large rich figure of creamy white, on a ground of coppery gold, forming, perhaps, the noblest and most beautiful combination of all colors. 9 — A Japanese leather paper on which vines with spreading leaves, tendrils and fruit were embossed and colored in imitation of carved ivory.Nevertheless, their adaptation to more modern homes can be made with care and thought.Antique wallpaper of expensive styles and artistic variety were brought to America as early as 1735.William Morris Wallpaper One of the leading mid-19th century houses in furniture decoration was the firm of Messrs.Jackson & Graham, who retained the services of Owen Jones, and it was under his control that shortly before 1865 they completed the decoration of the Viceroy's Palace, at Cairo, for which he designed a most elaborate series of wallpaper decorations, based on Persian ornament.Rolls of wallpaper did not appear in America until 1790, so most designs imported before this time arrived in square sheets.