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Actors in this performance are the young and talented graduates of Oleg Kudryashov’s workshop, and each plays several roles, switching back and forth between the genres of detective comedy and vaudeville.The Theatre of Nations is located in a building with a long history dating back much further than the theatre itself.

The theatre does not have its own troupe of actors, however it attracts the best of Moscow talent: Chulpan Khamatova (starring in ).pointless1 vyderzhka, samoobladanie _Ex: to recover one's poise obresti pokoi (dushevnoe ravnovesie) _Ex: to show poise in company umet' derzhat'sya na lyudyah _Ex: one could tell she had poise from the way she walked onto the stage po tomu, kak ona vyshla na scenu, bylo vidno, chto ona vladeet soboyu4 tykat', tolkat', pihat' _Ex: to poke smb. druzheski ili mnogoznachitel'no v bok _Ex: to poke at with the horns bodat' (rogami) _Ex: to poke away otpihnut', ottolknut' v storonu _Ex: to poke out vypihnut', vytolkat'7 (tzh.poke out) vysovyvat'sya; vydvigat'sya _Ex: the buildings poke above the trees zdaniya vozvyshayutsya nad derev'yami _Ex: pens and pencils poked out over the top of his jacket pocket iz verhnego karmana ego pidzhaka torchali ruchki i karandashi13 (tzh.sosredotochennyi ogon' _Ex: to make one's point _ohot.bezhat' pryamo k namechennomu mestu (o sobakah i t. boleznennaya tochka _Ex: at all points povsyudu9 moment (vremeni) _Ex: turning point povorotnyi punkt; krizis (bolezni) _Ex: at any point v lyuboi moment _Ex: at this point he paused a few seconds tut on ostanovilsya na neskol'ko sekund _Ex: when it came to the point, hee refused his help kogda nastalo vremya (deistvovat'), on otkazalsya pomoch'12 porog; krai; gran' _Ex: at (on) the point of death pri smerti _Ex: to be on (at, upon) the point of doing smth. sdelat' _Ex: to be on the point of departure sobrat'sya (byt' gotovym) uehat'13 _sport.meropriyatii s pomosh'yu vooruzhennoi sily) _Ex: to police a shaky cease-fire sledit' za soblyudeniem neustoichivogo soglasheniya o prekrashenii ognya (s pomosh'yu voisk OON)9 policeiskii uchastok police-court noun policeiskii sud police-magistrate noun predsedatel' policeiskogo suda police-office noun policeiskoe upravlenie (goroda) police-officer noun policeiskii police-station noun policeiskii uchastok policed1 politika _Ex: home (internal, domestic) policy vnutrennyaya politika _Ex: foreign policy vneshnyaya politika _Ex: long-range policy dolgosrochnaya politika _Ex: wait-and-see policy vyzhidatel'naya politika _Ex: give-and-take policy politika vzaimnyh ustupok _Ex: kid-glove policy umerennaya (ostorozhnaya) politika _Ex: big stick policy _am.

politika "bol'shoi dubinki" _Ex: ostrich policy politika, osnovannaya na samoobmane _Ex: laissez-faire policy politika (gosudarstvennogo) nevmeshatel'stva (v ekonomiku) _Ex: open-door policy politika otkrytyh dverei _Ex: procrastination policy politika provolochek _Ex: "scorched-earth" policy politika (taktika) vyzhzhennoi zemli _Ex: carrot and stick policy politika knuta i pryanika _Ex: position-of-strength policy politika (s pozicii) sily _Ex: policy of neutrality politika neitraliteta _Ex: policy of pin-pricks politika bulavochnyh ukolov _Ex: brink-of-war policy, policy of brinkmanship _am.

The theatre’s artistic director is the famous actor and director Yevgeny Mironov.

The Theatre has a diverse repertoire, but it gives special preference to productions that deal with contemporary topics, as well as to staging older plays in a modern context.

politika balansirovaniya na grani voiny _Ex: for reasons of policy po politicheskim soobrazheniyam _Ex: to follow (to pursue, to conduct, to carry out) a policy provodit' politiku2 politika, liniya povedeniya, kurs; ustanovka; strategiya _Ex: policy authority direktivnyi organ _Ex: their policy is to satisfy the customers ih cel' - udovletvorit' klientov _Ex: honesty is the best policy chestnost' - luchshaya politika _Ex: it is a poor policy to promise more than you can do ploho obeshat' bol'she, chem mozhesh' sdelat'3 sistema; metodika; pravila _Ex: all-in and all-out policy _s-h.

sistema ispol'zovaniya (ptichnika) s odnokratnym zapolneniem i posleduyushei odnokratnoi realizaciei pticy _Ex: feeding policy _s-h.

so vsemi podrobnostyami, vo vseh detalyah _Ex: at all points po vsem punktam; vo vseh otnosheniyah _Ex: points of defence _yur.

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