Dating jewish birthdays

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Dating jewish birthdays - consequences of dating violence

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But Judaism can help you develop a checklist that will empower you to make thoughtful decisions about gift-giving.One Jewish understanding of the purpose of Creation is that G-d wanted to express His generosity, to give to an Other, and Jewish tradition frequently describes the Torah as a gift.Jewish tradition also recognizes that gifts can engender unhealthy as well as healthy competition; create dependency; embarrass the recipient and other gift-givers; create unwanted obligations to reciprocate; and raise expectations falsely.Couple should therefore be clear about their intentions, and seek to ensure that giver and recipient see the gift in the same way.This is in any case excellent practice for marriage.That said, American Jews, who live in a secular society, have developed the habit of observing occasions such as birthdays with gifts.

Given that reality, we should seek guidelines from the general approaches to human interaction which the Torah mandates: Minimally, we should be modest (tzniut) in our exchanges, not being extravagant and showing off our purchasing power - therefore, even if you are wealthy, showy gifts should be avoided (as should showy clothes, homes, or boastful speech).

We have definite traditions associated with Purim and Passover (specifically to the poor, and on Purim gifts of food to friends, for example), as well as other holidays, and gifts to children as marks of affection, and as opportunities to teach them about our traditions.

Birthdays were not traditionally celebrated by Jews (although whether it is permissible is debated, and rabbis have come down on both sides of the matter) at all.

Gifts given during dating are often a beautiful expression of a relationship’s development, but they can also make the recipient feel compelled to demonstrate an affection that has not (at least not yet) actualized.

Jewish law concretizes this concern by raising the possibility that a gift in the context of romance may be intended and received – however monetarily - as a token of marriage, such that the couple may require a divorce.

As you can read in the responses of my Orthodox and Conservative colleagues, there is no Jewish tradition of gift giving that parallels our American practice.

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