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The small town of Moliagul became famous when a 69-kilogram gold nugget was found in 1869 at Bulldog Gully.But things go south when he tries to negotiate a royalty rate and must move to another claim.The plan doesn’t sit well for Tony – who could lose millions – and he’s determined to teach young Parker a lesson.Rick cashes in his life savings and literally puts everything on the line. In the off-season, Rick spent most of his time nursing his mother until she passed away.As a result, he’s far behind the others as they race into the mining season. Rick has recruited a crew of his Wisconsin buddies, who leave behind their jobs, families and homes, to take a chance on of striking it rich.It has been a passionate three years with the love of my life Venera, and I can't express my appreciation enough for finding my happiness at, Thank you and godbless.

Gold Rush season 9 returns to the Discovery Channel this October, with one long-time cast member out of the series and another moving out from under another’s shadow, according to mild spoilers of the season’s storylines. He left the show after eight seasons: “I want to chase another dream,” he announced.

Today, the amount found would be worth around nine billion dollars.

Mt Alexander goldfield's largest nugget was found in 1855 at Golden Gully by some inexperienced miners who had been sent to a 'duffer' or empty claim.

The discovery of gold in the 1850s and 60s is the most significant event in the evolution of the state of Victoria.

Fuelled by extravagant stories of wealth gained at the 1849 Californian gold rush, gold fever hit Victoria following the early gold discoveries in and around Clunes, Warrandyte and Ballarat.

Dubbed 'Welcome Stranger', the nugget was the largest in the world, though it was soon broken into pieces as the district lacked scales big enough to weigh the 60 by 30 centimetre nugget.

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