Dating each other dancing stars

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Dating each other dancing stars - Videochat pokaifu

On top of that, the 24-year-old dancer posted a ridiculously cute picture of the two smiling together., contestant Alexis Ren was asked how she felt about her pro partner Alan Bersten.

But when quizzed by host Phillip about the dating rumours, Joe smiled and coyly said: "Here we go!In a video shared on social media sensation Joe's You Tube page, the pair poked fun at the rumours, with Joe saying: "We're getting the video in early this week, check us out. We’re in my house." Showing off his sense of humour, he joked: "Dianne's round my house, I can’t believe it.It's the end of the week and we’re already smashing it out. That can only mean one thing, Dianne's round my house for a You Tube video, it must mean we're going out with each other." Dianne, who had recently split from boyfriend Anthony Quinlan at the time, added: "It must mean that.He had said at the start of the series that he would dye his hair the same fiery colour as his dance partner if he made it to the final.there was chemistry between Alexis Ren and her partner Alan Bersten.The two admitted to having feelings for each other at one point in the competition and even shared a steamy kiss.

But now, some fans of the show are questioning everything after seeing Alexis and fellow finalist Milo Manheim in several Instagrams together.Hello, boyfriend." Joe then remarked: "If a girl comes round a boy's house for a You Tube video, definitely boyfriend and girlfriend." SEE: The Strictly Come Dancing stars' wedding photos And the speculation didn't stop there.A few weeks later, Joe dropped a major hint on that he was dating Dianne.Do you know what, it's so nice, I've met such a good friend in Dianne." Leaning forward Phillip remarked: "And…?" Laughing, Joe replied: "We haven't got time to think of anything like that! " MORE: Janette Manrara shares behind-the-scenes peek at Michael Buble's Strictly rehearsals In the following show, Bruno Tonioli commented on the chemistry between the pair after they performed a romantic Viennese Waltz at the start of the show.Immediately, Alexis's followers flooded her comment section asking whether or not the two were together. So, it's probably just a case of two BFFs taking some cute pics together and the internet being, well, the internet.