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He revealed himself to be a master of the maintenance text.I have spent every day since trying to match his skill. ” But a photo of your boss wearing the same tie for the third day in a row because you have an inside joke about it is a very good maintenance text.

Not all of us have time to just tan our vaginas, Shailene! God only knows what would say in a similar interview and how many random people would hate me for it—my bet is I would share my thoughts on sourdough bread and alienate a nation—but the heart dislikes what it dislikes.

One of the blessings—or burdens, depending on your perspective—of technology is that it allows for what psychologists call “social presence,” or a feeling of closeness, from afar. That’s one reason it’s easy to get miffed at a partner who doesn’t respond promptly.

“You’re supposed to be immediate, and now you have a device that makes you so,” she says of the logic of the aggrieved.

Among the 205 young Americans recruited for a survey, the more someone felt that they and their partner had symmetrical rhythms of texting—messaging to say “hey, what’s up” and the like at similar intervals—the better they felt about how the partnership was going.

Texting has become the way that we keep in touch: between Whats App and SMS, some 77 billion messages are sent per day globally.

If they needed to act up or stay close to mom to get the care they needed, they’re likely to bring anxious attachment into their grown-up relationships, meaning they’ll be what’s tactfully called “proximity seeking” in the literature and better known as clingy with potential partners.

And guess what: we treat our phones much the same way.A 2015 Pew study found that 70 percent of smartphone users surveyed thought their phone offered them freedom, while 30 percent thought it felt like a “leash.” And in a paper published last year, also in Computers in Human Behavior, Trub found that people tend to see their phones as both a refuge—they felt safer with it and distressed without it—and as a burden—an obligation to communication that they carried with them wherever they went.Respondents scoring highly on anxious attachment measures were more likely to endorse statements like “I feel naked without my phone” or “I need my phone with me at all times,” meaning the phone was something of a security blanket keeping you close to the reassurances of the social world.“Am I attached to my phone because I’m attached to the people on the other side of it? “You have now violated the contract in the relationship,” she says, expressing that vexed viewpoint. You’re supposed to be immediate, and now you have a device that makes you immediately available.” Put into media studies language, the aggrieved party was in a synchronous mode, while the other was acting more asynchronously.Hence why texting style can be so important: “If both people have a more asynchronous style then that would be a fit,” she says.As she does for so many affairs of the heart, Lorde speaks for all of us when she sings about the intricacies of texting: “I overthink your punctuation use,” she confesses on “The Louvre,” maybe the best song on her new record.

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