Dating a veterinarian

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My partner is amazing and I wouldn't trade them just to get that one feature because they're so supportive in other ways and almost always lets me vent about work, but yeah.It wouldn't make me angry to have someone who understands on that first hand level.

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I don’t know much of their history or relationship but they’re still together now (they kinda retired prior to me starting here) but they’re still together and bicker like the old married couple they are I wouldn't date a vet I worked with, ever.

I've known several veterinarian couples, one of which started as a tech (m) and vet (f).

Sometimes I wonder how much of his decision to be a DVM was because his wife was one...

My ex-boyfriend didn’t appreciate me photocopying the page and mailing it to him, but I thought it was important he realize the obvious: we are hot commodities.

(, why did you need me to remind you, and why didn’t I take that as my hint to exit the relationship?

I think some people do well in this scenario but I was not a fan.

, I was pleasantly surprised to see Levitt and Dubner list female veterinarians as one of the top three most desirable on-line daters.

) Men are usually “dog” people who love to wrestle with Fido and enjoy some of the hobbies of dog ownership such as hiking and being outdoors.

But men often have a women can fulfill their maternal instincts by grooming it and braiding its hair.

Female veterinarians escape that stereotype – guys know we probably have a higher tolerance for dirt, hair, drool, and mud.

Considering men may realize that they have some similar qualities to dogs (dirt, hair, drool, mud, and of course, loyalty), why wouldn’t they want to jump on the love train?

I just got out of a long term relationship where I was engaged.