Dating a music man

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Dating a music man - dating for marriage sites

In my past experiences, re-assuring my girlfriend that not every female artist I work with is trying to sleep with me has only been half the battle won.

Now this flat out sucks when it comes to fulfilling a woman’s every lingering desire, because time is the one thing that she will likely want the most.

As a result, women in New York (and most other places these days) have their guard up, and for good reason – there are tons of creeps out there ruining it for the rest of us. I had one girl ask me recently, I’m a digital marketing analyst, a singer, songwriter, producer and as of last year, I’ve been documenting all of my music experiences via my blog and as a contributing writer to Digital Music News. Aside from that – I have very ambitious long term career goals, and I’m pretty busy trying to achieve them.

I want to write a book, get my Ph D., land a publishing deal (with either Warner/Chappell, Sony/ATV, or Universal), win a Grammy, open a music studio in NYC, become a world class marketing consultant, and more.

Working two jobs, and living with their parents so that they don’t have to spend money on expensive New York rent.

They understand that in order to be successful you absolutely have to invest in yourself, there’s just no way around it.

No matter how you look at it, jealousy can make any relationship extremely toxic.

With that, I have nothing but the utmost respect for any woman brave enough to date a musician.

I’ll be writing this article based on my personal experience as a single male musician.

I’m also based in New York City, which makes dating even harder.

I once went out with a guy who, when I asked him what his favorite band was, stammered before replying, “Ummm… To a music lover, saying you're not that into music (or just as bad, that you listen to "everything") is like saying you have no soul. There are so many benefits of listening to music, and it’s not us music lovers expect you to have the same taste (well some of us maybe, but not all of us). The guy ended up having no passion for anything except his new flat screen TV.

I mostly just listen to Pandora.” Enter the sound of screeching tires. You can imagine how that translated in many other ways as well.

What do you listen to when trying to get through a breakup? When you really want to strangle your significant other? OK fine you might not be dead inside, but it does leave a music lover wondering what's up. Even a deep passion for country music would be preferable to not having a preference at all.

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