Dating a bipolar boyfriend

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Dating a bipolar boyfriend - ocd dating

we broke up because we kept arguing and he would go through that episode where he would just dissapear.everytime he would go missing, it would make me soo sad and confused.i didnt realize that, that was part of the disorder. also he would call me at 2 or 3 in the morning because he has was going through that episode where he couldnt sleep at all, i think its called hypomania and i would stay up with him to talk to him ofcourse.

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Then I thought he was using me, or he was unsure of what he wanted/afraid of commitment. Out of the blue he will get in my face and say I am in his face..has put finger print bruises on my neck, face, arms... This started happening more and more recently because he quit his job and has been at home a lot. On Friday we went to the brew fest and started fighting.I blew .09 and got a DUI and was in jail all night.I feel like I can't believe the person who said he loved me so much did this to me.This makes total sense now, as his best friend recently told me he was bipolar. One day it's "I love you, dear." the next it's "God, you always worry about everything, it's irritating." You never know what tomorrow will be like. I am writing in here because I just have to get it out! I know for a fact his father loves him but he is safer where he is until his father takes his meds. I am scared to call police because of his threats and I believe him. When we got back to his house he told me he doesn't love me anymore and that I need to leave.I really need to find a way to deal with him and whatnot, if i'm going to live around him. He can be so wonderful at times and other times he thinks I am glaring at him when I am looking at him because he is talking. I took his father back and now I regret it more then anything. I was curled up on the couch sobbing and couldn't drive.I have blocked his number from my Phone and deleted every picture of us.

I feel like my heart has been shattered and I feel like my best friend just died. I am in a relationship that is very difficult sometimes due to my condition.

he thinks I am screaming when I am irritated and I am not. He lost his son who is nonverbal autistic but he knows everything going on around him. He warned me he was going to call the cops On me and eventually did.

He has been committed before and I tried to help him and stand by him. Now he believes I am the cause of him being committed but we were not seeing each other at that time. Defacs brought him to my house and asked me to take him. He told them he was afraid his ex girlfriend (me) was going to hurt him which couldn't be farther from the truth. I left his house because I was panicking and got pulled over by the cops he called .

after that we started to argue more, he would snap at me and yelll.

he would hang up on me when he would get mad, so i would call him repeatedly till he would pick up then he would yell at me even more. I have been consumed by him and I want out of his thick black smoke before it kills me.

he would act soo angry and tell me that i piss him off half the time were together. i finally thought it was time for me to research this "bipolar disorder" as i read it just related to everything he would do. I dont know what to do, i read this while googling what can i do to help him an i can actually related. I have to watch everything I say or do because I don't want to be blamed or be the cause of his actions. I felt it would never gonna stop..will only be dormant for a while.