Database not updating from stored procedures

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Database not updating from stored procedures - Iphone mobile chat hongkong chat

The Entity Framework lets you specify that it should use stored procedures for database access.For any entity type, you can specify a stored procedure to use for creating, updating, or deleting entities of that type.

The database generates the ID value automatically, and the stored procedure accepts parameters for the other three.For more information, see Loading Related Objects in the MSDN Library.) In the next tutorial, you'll learn how to use Dynamic Data functionality to make it easier to program and test data formatting and validation rules.Instead of specifying on each web page rules such as data format strings and whether or not a field is required, you can specify such rules in data model metadata and they're automatically applied on every page.Then in the data model you can add references to stored procedures that you can use to perform tasks such as retrieving sets of entities.Using stored procedures is a common requirement for database access.To create a stored procedure that reads rather than updates data, create one that selects all , right-click the design surface, and select Update Model from Database.

In the Add tab of the Choose Your Database Objects dialog box, expand Stored Procedures, select the newly created stored procedures and the entity and select Stored Procedure Mapping.Instead, you'll change the way the Entity Framework accesses the database for some of the pages you already created.In this tutorial you'll create stored procedures in the database for inserting CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[Insert Student] @Last Name nvarchar(50), @First Name nvarchar(50), @Enrollment Date datetime AS INSERT INTO dbo.In the data model designer, right-click the design surface and select Model Browser. Store node and then open the Stored Procedures node. Stored procedures to insert, update, and delete data are used by the Entity Framework automatically after you've added them to the data model and mapped them to the appropriate entities.You can now run the page and the new student appears in the list.The Mapping Details window appears, in which you can specify stored procedures that the Entity Framework should use for inserting, updating, and deleting entities of this type. The window shows a list of stored procedure parameters, each of which must be mapped to an entity property.

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