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Following four months of dating and even rumors of an engagement, this couple has pulled the final rabbit out of its hat.The former Playboy Bunny and freaky magician are no longer an item. The Playboy founder's ex-girlfriend has gone public with new squeeze Criss Angel.

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But that’s not exactly what now we are going to talk.

In November 2008, Angel started dating a second girl, Holly Madison.

The relationship didn’t last long since it stopped in February 2009.

Angel’s rep says, “The couple is ecstatic.” Angel and Gonzalez met four years ago on the set of his series . Note that Angel hid the fact that he was married during the series to further his career. She appeared in two of his illusions and was credited as “Criss’s Girl.” In November 2008, Criss began dating Holly Madison. I’m not sure where Sandra fits into this timeline but my best guess would be in a box with a secret trap door where he keeps all his side pieces.

Up top is Criss Angel and a girl credited as Jennifer White but who may actually be Sandra Gonzalez in Mexico at the end of August.

Presently, Criss Angel isn’t dating any girlfriend he is wed to some spouse.

But it ought to ‘t wait until he comes up with a brand new girl.

In addition to these honors, throughout his magical performances, he’s managed to produce a number of world-records.

For Criss Angel and Holly Madison, the magic is over.

Criss along with also a 28-year-old pop star Belinda Peregrin Schull were relationship because 2016 and were place to participate in 2017.

Nonetheless, it appears like this magician failed to throw magic in his connection.

He’s famous for starring in the TV and stage show Criss Angel Mindfreak, along with his live performance illusion reveals Criss Angel Believe.

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