Consolidating stiff concrete mold

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This technique originated from the Mohs scale of mineral hardness developed in 1812, in which one material is considered to be harder if it can leave a permanent scratch on another material.

Nanotechnology research today provides the necessary tools for establishing the relationships between the processing, properties, and performance of concrete.

The research project, which started in September 2004 and ended in August 2006, was funded by FHWA and involved a number of research themes.

The outcomes of this project led to further research focused on additional themes that are supported by multiple organizations.

The team did this pioneering research using a special type of nanoindenter.

In any indentation technique, one material of known properties is pushed inside the material of unknown mechanical properties.

Fourth, nanotechnology shows promise in the development of smart sensors.

Because concrete develops its properties (such as strength) with time and chemical reactions (called hydration), it is critical to monitor concrete at early ages. The increased traffic volume has generated an escalating need for high-performance, durable construction materials for roadway pavements. Department of Transportation, the current backlog of unfunded but needed repairs and improvements totals 5 billion.That is, they chose to pursue a systematic study of concrete at the micro- and nanoscales to understand the properties of how materials in concrete interact with one another.This study at the smaller scale could enable them to develop more effective solutions that achieve the desired performance.Hydration of cement produces a rigid, heterogeneous microstructure.