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Some of the smaller Coast Guard cutters offer cramped and close living quarters, which can be a problem for some recruits.Some Coast Guard assignments, such as patrol duty, can stretch over weeks at a time.

Please note that cutter logbooks are found at the collections of the National Archives.

While members of the Army or Air Force may defend the United States while serving in a foreign theater of war, Coast Guard members are the first line of defense at home in the U. Eight years may seem like a long time to commit, but half of that is a reserve period where you serve only two days a month and two weeks per year. He has a Bachelor of Science in communications from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Arts in international journalism from City University, London.

He has worked in the technology industry for more than 20 years, in positions ranging from tech support to marketing.

Training Center Cape May’s mission is to transform the recruits of today into the Coast Guardsmen of tomorrow while providing superior mission support to our tenant commands.

While our primary mission is to develop the enlisted workforce for the U.

These files cover each distinct lightship that served with the Lighthouse Service or Coast Guard as well as the various stations these vessels were moored on.

The files consist primarily of photography along with limited documentation dating from the World War II-era to the mid-1980s.Please not that his collection consists of incidents since 1950 up to the advent of the electronic age of the late-1990s.These files consist of official biographies of senior officers and famous Coast Guard personnel.These files cover significant maritime disasters, including merchant vessel incidents, floods, hurricanes, oil spills, and major search-and-rescue incidents.The files consist of photography, some official documentation, and newsprint.New recruits entering the Coast Guard are required to serve for eight years: four of them on active duty and four in the reserves.

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