Cnn silicon valley dating

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Cnn silicon valley dating

He showed us how he had to climb up a big tree in the middle of the village to try and make calls. It was a phrase I heard throughout the day — "tower problem" — referring to the mobile towers that these villagers were sure would transform their lives.It wasn't even about the internet, which many of them had never experienced.

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But arguably the biggest driver of India's online boom has been a free internet gambit by the country's richest man.That triggered a price war with other mobile providers slashing their rates dramatically."Every phone in India will be a 4G enabled phone, and every customer will have access to 4G connectivity," he said during a speech in October.And they're shaping the future of the internet in the process."Little over half of the world's population is online, which means about 3.5 billion people across the world are not connected to the internet," Rajan Anandan, managing director of Google in India, told CNN Business last month.With Amrit translating from Marwadi — the local language — and encouraging our nervous interviewee, we asked him if he knew what the internet was. When I asked if he had a cellphone, he held up a device smaller than his palm with a numbered keypad.

He then got a bit more animated as he explained that there was a big "tower problem" in the area.

"We are committed to connecting everyone and everything, everywhere." For Gorakh Dan, Jio has opened up a whole new world.

The 26-year-old works as a stone supplier in the city of Jaisalmer, about 40 miles from Devi's village.

Some of the younger villagers did have smartphones, the ones who traveled to work as day laborers in Jaisalmer on the one bus a day to the city.

There they'd use Whats App and You Tube, services that are useless in their unconnected village.

Mukesh Ambani launched a new billion mobile network, Reliance Jio, in September 2016, with an eye-popping inaugural offer.

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